Gift Ideas For Someone Who Needs A Break From Reality

Every time the news alert on my phone beeps, I have a teeny, tiny heart attack. I mean, whatever it is, you know it’s not good.

I think we could all use a little time-out from the real world this holiday season.


Read This Till You Believe It

I picked this up in a bookstore the other day and started paging through it, expecting it to be totally hokey.

And it was indeed hokey – because of course it was – but it was also also sincere. And simple. And wonderful.



Follain x Rica Rose Milk Bath

This simply (but chicly) packaged and well-priced (just $19) bath milk contains white slay to soften and purify skin, and rose essential oils to make you smell like a stroll through a Fox-and-Friends-free garden.


zazenBear candle

Sure, candles are a bit of an obvious gift pick, but this one has a tiny, adorable bear sitting on top of it, and there is nothing more apolitical than a tiny, adorable bear.


Goonies on Blu-Ray

Remember when were the Fratellis were the scariest authority figures you could think of?


Knitting Kit

I am a certified Anxious Person, and have discovered over the years that one of the few things that reliably chills me out is knitting. I’ve made enough blankets to last a lifetime, and want to learn how to make sleep socks – but Etsy has tons of beginner kits for everything from insanely oversized, chunky blankets (DYING to make one of these) to cat beds (aw) to half-cat, half-mermaid…things. Which are a definite break from reality if I’ve ever seen one.


Wii + Mariokart

In MarioKart, you get to launch turtle shells at your oppressors and then TAKE THEM DOWN.


The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living

The Danish word hygge is one of those words that doesn’t directly translate into English, but it more or less means comfort, warmth or togetherness.

Yes, please.



Ogawa Massage Chair

It’s a full-body hug machine.


Jade Facial Roller

If you leave this in the fridge and roll it over your face first thing in the morning, it’s like a mini spa visit and instantly de-puffs (really).


Zen Shorts

Technically this is a kids’ book, but it’s so not exclusive to the under-10 set. It’s lovely. And sticks with you.


Mancala Game

This game – which you might remember from your own childhood – is like the most analog of all analog things ever, and is also really fun, as well as a lesson in strategy. Playing it is also sort of like meditating with your hands.

(Instructions for the DIY version pictured above are here.)


Love Is Art Kit

I’m not sure I’d actually want to hang the results of this “intimate” painting project on my wall – because really, no need to give guests a mental image quite that specific – but for someone who needs an infusion of happy, chill vibes, this seems like a pretty spot-on gift.

The kit includes a 54″ x 41″ cotton canvas, assorted non-toxic paints (colors can be customized), and…a drop cloth. Points for foresight!

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