Gift Ideas For Someone Who Is Just Like Me

Everything I own needs to be able to survive my children.

Gift guide rollout: commence! In the coming days, I’ll be posting gift guides for people who need a break from reality (a.k.a. everyone), gift guides for pregnant people, white elephant gift guides, STEM gift guides for kids, and more.


So let’s kick it off with an easy one: Here are gift ideas for someone who is just like me. If you happen to be just like me – and, if you’re reading this, I guess there’s a decent chance that you’re at least somewhat like me, even in only the vaguest of ways – go ahead and forward this URL to any and all interested parties.


Not Today, Satan Travel Mug

This travel mug (which keeps liquids hot for 8+ hours and cold for 24+ hours) makes me cackle every single time I look at it.


Vintage 1970s Sunglasses

The pair pictured here is Christian Dior, and they are oh, so good, but hop on over to eBay and you’ll find a bazillion equally gorgeous options. (I tend to include “pre-owned” in my search to weed out the knockoffs; this is a purchase that I feel like needs to be the real thing.)


Stuart Weitzman Vanland Flat Thigh-High Boots

Oh my god.

(Remember: always go half a size down with anything from Stuart Weitzman.)


Emu Wrenlette Slippers

I’ve never met a house bootie I didn’t like (#givemeallthehousebooties), but these are something extra.

The only downside is that the open toes mean you don’t get to completely ignore the state of your toenails until May, which to me is kind of the point of winter, but whatever: as they say, beauty is pain.


Anthropologie Gatsby Juice (a.k.a. Wine) Glasses

These are exactly what I’m always looking for in a wine glass. I have zero patience for any glasses that require hand-washing, and cannot have anything with a stem because children, and I also have a big thing for milk glass (which these aren’t technically, but they look like it, soooooo).


Resistance Buttons

I have a couple of my father’s buttons from the Vietnam War era, and they’re some of my most treasured possessions – I wear them on my favorite leather jacket, and have added a few of my own over the past several months. I’m looking forward to the day when I can pass on my buttons from the current resistance movement to my children, and we can talk about how far we’ve come.


Library of Flowers Bath Oil

I love any and all bath-related products, because I am a weirdo about baths and take one literally every day of my life – and Library of Flowers products are well-priced, but also pretty and unique enough to make great gifts.


Wildfox "Altitude" Oversized Sweater

I mean, let’s get real: I have never met an oversized sweater I didn’t want to immediately put on and take a nap in.

But this one is extra-cool.


Literally Anything From Catbird

All their jewelry is beautiful — but their rings are completely perfect. Pictured above is the Shooting Star ring, but you really can’t go wrong with any of their delicate, timeless pieces.


All-Clad Copper Core Nonstick Frying Pan

I’ve sung the praises of this pan before, and yup: still 100% recommended. I use it every day of my life, and it makes cooking so much simpler and more fun.


Dyson Cord-Free Vaccuum

There comes a time in one’s life when one realizes that the true height of joy can only be achieved via vacuum.

Seriously, there is no party like a vacuum party, and this vacuum BRINGS THE FUN.


Color My World Oversize Stripe Scarf

When you want to hide from the world (which, for me, is kiiiiiinda all the time), nothing does the trick like a massive cozy thing that you can wrap up in, sleep on, and use to obscure your face, if need be.


Hunter Boot Bubble Umbrella

I have approximately 80 umbrellas, and at least 78 of them are broken. The remainders have been claimed by my children and are now officially Theirs, which means that when it’s raining and I walk them to school in the morning, guess who ends up with pneumonia?


I want a bubble umbrella.


Here/Now Mommy-and-Me Matching Sneakers

Let’s start with the fact that these are pompom sneakers, and there are no sneakers like pompom sneakers. The whole “matching tiny versions for your child” part just puts me over the edge.


Edie Parker Keychain

You see your keychain every single day of your life. Why not have one that reminds you to smile?

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