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Glow Girl (And A Sweepstakes!)

This post was created in collaboration with Conair. Click here to check out the Sweepstakes (and enter to win a Glow Box valued at $300).

Yesterday was one of those mornings: I couldn’t find the lunchboxes, and made “the wrong kind of breakfast,” and everyone refused to put on their shoes until the eight millionth time I “asked” (screamed at) them to, and I definitely did not brush my hair or put on makeup and mayyyyybe left the house in the same sweatpants and sweatshirt that I’d worn to sleep in the night before because I was already super late for an appointment and making a cup of coffee was vastly more important than being clean and/or presentable, so that was that.

Anyway, I arrived at my dermatologist appointment (ON TIME, thanks to a straight stream of green traffic lights, woooo), and sat down on the examining table. When she walked in, she did a literal double-take at me. And do you know what she said???

(You’re not going to believe me. This is true.)

“You look great!”

My dermatologist told me that I looked great.

This was clearly not possible, and I said as much, and so she elaborated:

“Your skin! Your skin looks great.” She told me I looked rested, and glowy, and that my skin tone was more even than she’d seen it in ages. She asked me what I’d been doing. And so I told her about the only thing that had changed since the last time I’d seen her.

I’ve been oscillating my face (that’s not technically a verb, but I enjoy it anyway, and plan to use it often). Every night – yes, every night – I take a bath, and I’ve added Conair’s True Glow® Sonic Facial Brush to my nighttime bath routine. I put my regular cleanser on the brush, and I don’t know what magic it works, but virtually all traces of dirt and makeup get removed from my stressed-out little pores without irritating them in the slightest, and at the end my face feels like my three-year-old’s, all lovely and soft and smooth. (The brush also primes the skin to better receive the products you put on afterwards, so that’s a huge help, too.)

And! It’s affordable and a great price for this kind of a product – making it less of an indulgence than an obvious addition to a skincare regimen. And! And and and! If you want a brush for yourself, you can purchase the brush using code 20CONAIRSFB3 at checkout for 20% off, or enter to win one below.

jordan reid for conair true glow sonic facial brush

Because all women deserve to look and feel beautiful, Conair is giving away 20 True Glow® Sonic Facial Brushes, and one grand prize winner will receive a Glow Box (which includes a True Glow® Sonic Facial Brush, a $100 Spa Gift Card, a Nest candle, and more) valued at $300.

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jordan reid for conair true glow sonic facial brush jordan reid for conair true glow sonic facial brush

jordan reid for conair true glow sonic facial brush jordan reid for conair true glow sonic facial brush jordan reid for conair true glow sonic facial brush

Photos by Kim Ebbets