Time To Talk About It

I’m putting up a link roundup today and it’s all pajama suggestions and fun reads, and…I just can’t hit publish without posting this first, because pajamas are not where my head’s at.

You know, I was brought up believing that guns – all of them – are bad. Nobody should have a gun; all they do is perpetuate violence; et cetera.

That’s not what I think anymore; I’ve formed my own opinions about guns and gun owners. I can’t think of a single reason for any human being to own an assault rifle, but I’m friends with many people who own shotguns or pistols, and I understand and respect their choices. They are – without exception – extremely knowledgeable about their guns, having been raised to respect them for what they are: deadly weapons. They would be more than happy to submit to a background check at any point, because why wouldn’t they?

It’s my understanding that most NRA members are in favor of background checks, especially with regards to assault weapons, and are interested in keeping guns specifically created to massacre human beings out of the hands of people who might decide that they want to cause harm.

This is not about people being divided on an issue. I don’t think anybody wants people who have cracked the skulls of children to have assault rifles. This is about money, and the massive amounts of it that a select group of organizations give to Congress. Which makes Congress complicit.

Here is how to contact your representatives about gun control. Call them; email them; write them; tell them this has to stop.

P.S. Go sign up for ResistBot if you haven’t already by texting RESIST to 50409 (more information on the app here). If you’re feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed by all the ways you want to help, this app is the answer: It will text you a clear, simple action to do each and every day, and helps you stay focused on what you can do rather than on what you can’t.