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YAY FALL. (That vest is vintage and real fur, but here’s an insane, luxe faux version that’s similar, except better because it’s insane and luxe and faux.)

This is exactly the time of year to invest in a cozy, wonderful pair of pajamas. Here you go. Also if you don’t own these boots yet, go ahead and do yourself a favor because you will wear them every fall and winter for the rest of your life (mine are going on seven years old, and still look practically new.)

Everything about the idea of sending my children to middle school strikes fear into my (apparently still 13-year-old) heart. (Being Left Out Hurts: Moms, Stop Social Engineering, via Today.)

[bullet] Here is a (simultaneously laughable and depressing) video explaining how Europe apparently sees our gun problem.

I love how willing Anthony Bourdain is to challenge his own past decisions, and how outspoken he is about feminism in general. (Also, I just love him. Video evidence of that time I ran into him on the street and was oh, so very uncool about it is here.) (Anthony Bourdain Wonders What He Could Have Done, via Slate.)

This piece paints a pretty bleak picture, but remember this, and tattoo it on your forehead if you have to: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” (Anniversary of the Apocalypse, via NY Times.)

Is anyone else COMPLETELY freaked out by those unboxing and “surprise egg” YouTube videos that transfix millions of children while simultaneously teaching them about consumerism and playing ad content? …Oh, right. Everyone is. (Something Is Wrong On The Internet, via Medium.)

I’ve written a couple of times over on IG about Canada Dry’s Bye Busy campaign, and it really is helping me remember to shut off every once in awhile and, you know…watch a movie without simultaneously scrolling through my news feed, doing dishes, and multitasking in 6,000 other ways. (Take their Busy Assessment Quiz here.)

Holy crap. (Harvey Weinstein’s Army of Spies, via The New Yorker.)

I’m feeling like I need to revisit my Great Blazer Obsession (2008-2010, RIP). Except there’s this little problem wherein blazers are uncomfortable, and I don’t do uncomfortable anymore. Perhaps the sweater-blazer (this is a thing?!?!) is the solution.

I don’t know my IQ. I don’t think I want to. (So You’ve Learned You’ve Got A “Pitifully” Low IQ. How Worried Should You Be? via Vox.)

Kendrick and I watched the vide above with our kids, then acted it out for them, then acted it out with them. It’s SO GOOD.

I’ve been taking prescription medication for my terrible, horrible acid reflux for a couple of years, but finally decided to try something a little more natural. As long as you catch it riiiiight when your symptoms begin, this “Old Amish Formula” (with apple cider vinegar, ginger and garlic) stops reflux in literally 20 seconds.

I cannot believe how long it took me to realize that I could scan documents directly to my phone. If you, like me, want to scream every time someone tells you to print, sign, scan, and return something (AUUUUUUUUGH), go download IScanner right now.

I’m pretty annoyed that the perfect lace-up hoodie I bought a few weeks ago is on sale at Nordstrom Rack for a teeny-tiny fraction of what I paid for it, but hey: my loss, your gain.

An oldish article, but as we head into the holiday season it’s an excellent reminder that when it comes to drinking – even if you don’t consider yourself a “problem drinker” – it’s a good idea to check in with your body every once in awhile. (Drinking by Numbers, via NY Times.) Related: Claire Zulkey’s piece “A Goodbye To Wine,” which references the first article and resonates as well.

WHITE SNEAKERS WITH GOLD PALM TREES ON THEM. Yes. (Check out Here Now’s other amazing styles – with pom poms! – here.)

An explanation of the trend towards huge, swathy, concealing clothing (which I personally love because I’m always freezing and because tight clothing makes me mad). (Modest Dressing, As A Virtue, via NY Times.)

Another YAY FALL pic, this time featuring a very, very good sweater I found in a used clothing shop in Los Angeles (this one is similar), and the white silk skirt I never ever wore until I decided I should really just start doing that, and that has now become one of my favorite pieces.

“If the men find out we can shape-shift, they’re going to notify the church.” I have no idea who this woman is, but her contouring video is EVERYTHING (via Facebook).

There’s such a huge focus on raising our girls to combat stereotypes. …What about our boys? (How To Raise A Feminist Son, via NY Times.)

In this article about her “griefcation,” Theodora Blanchfield writes beautifully – and heartbreakingly, and hopefully – about the decision she made to travel after losing her mother to cancer (via Mic).

This profile on Frances McDormand is…kind of impossible to describe. She is extraordinary and bizarre and defies all expectations you might have about Hollywood actresses. (Frances McDormand’s Difficult Women, via NY Times.)

When we present our children with a long (long) list of Things That Aren’t Safe, we may be doing them a disservice. (The Fragile Generation: Bad Policy and Paranoid Parenting Are Making Kids Too Safe to Succeed, via

This is so terribly morbid, and I love it so much. It’s Marie Kondo with a coating of depression and reality. (Swedish Death Cleansing, The Hot New Organizational Trend, via

I know I’m late hopping on the Ali Wong train, but oh man, if you haven’t watched Baby Cobra on Netflix yet, do ittttt.

And finally, here is your new favorite nail polish (it’s Orly Breathable Treatment + Color in Manuka Me Crazy).