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How great is that suit?!?! Summersalt – the swimwear company I’ve posted about a few times lately (they make eco-friendly styles that are all under $95) – just began offering The Pack: a service that lets you order up to four suits, try them on in your own home minus the horrifying overhead fluorescent lights, and then return whatever you don’t want (you only pay for what you keep).

New sneaker obsession: Joshua Sanders. Pom-poms! (Here’s a pair on sale if you get lucky with your sizing, and here’s a more affordable version.)

“My husband is a good man, and a good feminist ally…He said he’d try to do more cleaning around the house to help me out. He restated that all I ever needed to do was ask him for help, but therein lies the problem. I don’t want to micromanage housework. I want a partner with equal initiative.” This this this this this SO MUCH THIS. If you are a woman in a partnership with a man, read this article immediately. (Women Aren’t Nags – We’re Just Fed Up, via Harper’s Bazaar.)

You know how candles can be ridiculously expensive, and you’ll love the scent, but are not about to spend $75 bucks on something you burn? Paddywax candles smell INSANE, and come in retro enamel cups, and are pretty substantially sized, and are twenty dollars. Buy all the candles.

I bought circlets for my kids at the Renaissance Faire (my son’s is very King Arthur-meets-David Beckham, and I LOVE that he wears it), and now I want a circlet to wear in my regular life. I’m aware that this is a weird idea considering my lifestyle and place of residence (and considering that this was a trend back in 2013 and thus likely isn’t anymore), but whatever, I want this on my head.

I’m replacing the door in between our kitchen and the garage (as part of the garage renovation I keep yammering on about), and have become obsessed with this one from Rustica Hardware. It’s simple, but I think it’s just so cool-looking. (Another option is this barn wood door, but it might be too busy in our kitchen.)

Cool, so now I know what I’m doing EVERY SINGLE NIGHT UNTIL HALLOWEEN. This list is solid gold. (The 19 Best Horror Movies of the 2000s, via PopSugar.)

Here is a tiny asymmetrical Moto jacket for your child from Pink Elephant Organics. Omg.

You’ve probably seen this video already, but if you need a good love-cry, go ahead and do it again. (ICU Grandpa Holds Babies Whose Parents Can’t Be With Them, via Scary Mommy.)

Talk about bespoke jewelry. (This Woman Turned Her Vulva Into A Necklace After Vagina Surgery, via Newsweek.)

giveaway of the big fat activity book for pregnant people

HUUUUGE thank you Baby Magic, Pink Elephant Organics, Freshly Picked, Dr. Palmer’s, Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, and all the other brands who generously donated products to the Mom-To-Be gift basket (which also included The Big Fat Activity Book For Pregnant People) for my son’s school’s charity auction.

Makes sense, considering that attaching the word “baby” to a product immediately triples its price. (Millenial Parents are Investing in Gender-Neutral Nurseries, via Mitz Accessories.)

I hate that this is so, but I’m starting to circle my next Stuart Weitzman purchase. These are just SO GOOD.

Crap. Wait. So are these. (…It’s my half-birthday soon…?)

I’ve never seen Riverdale, but I think I love the actress who plays Betty. (Lili Reinhart from Riverdale” Speaks Candidly About her Anxiety, via W Magazine.)

Crying emoji. (18 Songs That Are Somehow 10 Years Old, via Buzzfeed.)

My friend Lena Chen finally wrote openly about the onslaught of revenge porn she’s been subjected to over the years, and her story – parts, but certainly not all, of which I knew before – is jaw-dropping. (After Years of Online Abuse, Sex Blogger Lena Chen Reclaims Her Identity, via Broadly.)

Today in perfect headlines: this. (Giant Rat Species Discovered After Falling from Sky, via National Geographic.)

The paper towel-throwing took me next level. Fucking disaster, indeed. (Look At This Fucking Disaster, via Deadspin.)

I am going to be a unicorn for Halloween, and Halloween is Lucy’s birthday. Ergo, my feeling is that she should get to wear this.

If you haven’t read The Strategist’s rundown of the products she uses on her (spectacular, glowy) skin, you should. In the meantime, run out and buy the Corsx zit patches she recommends – they’re just a few bucks, and they WORK.

beautiful star eyebrow makeup

via @sarahmcgbeauty

Loving @sarahmcgbeauty’s Instagram feed – and especially her Halloween ideas (omg, this gold skull and this not-especially-Halloween-y-but-incredible prism effect).

If I were to do this, the result would taste like a mashup of Coors Light, baby wipes, and leftover macaroni and cheese, with a sprinkling of Clorox. Yummy! (Artist Marina Abramovic is Selling Macarons That Taste Like Her, via d.Vice.)

Here’s a silk-and-lace slipdress to wear with your biggest sweaters and most amazing boots this fall.

This hat shop doesn’t just make “hats” – they make full-on art. Kendrick and I spotted this hat – which has a brim that holds elixir bottles, keys, a timepiece, and extra cartridges – at the Renaissance Faire last weekend, and it stopped us both in our tracks. It’s just the most insanely cool-looking thing ever. (And for women, I adore this bizarre-yet-somehow-classic zippered style.)

For fall, I love a robe-style coat – a lightweight wrap with wide lapels and a tie belt. Here is a luxe style, and here is a more affordable one.

American made handkerchiefs

I am increasingly obsessed with American Handkerchiefs, and have started carrying one everywhere I go. They’re just so useful (not to mention super-soft and stylish). If you’ve never been a handkerchief-carrier before, allow me to suggest picking up The Original Three.

  • Nicole S

    So true about not wanting to delegate work to your partner! You may have seen this one too…

  • Katie Kornstein

    great, now I just bought a million new beauty products. thanks…I guess? LOL

    • jordanreid

      hahahaha my pleasure 😉 (what’d you buy????)

      • Katie Kornstein

        1/2 of the shit she listed, why do you do this to me?! lol

        • jordanreid

          oh the google doc girl?!?! I KNOW. I want it all.

  • missmouse

    I find it utterly repellent to wear dead animals – real fur – on my sneakers . Im not sure why you would promote wearing dead animals as ‘ fashion’ . Ugh.