10 Perfect Fall Sweaters

Me and my sweater dress and my Highlands c. 2013

I was just browsing through old posts and realized that my most recent post about sweaters (and there have been oh, so many, because I love few things more than a really good sweater) went up last spring. Which doesn’t seem like an ideal time to post about sweaters. (Unless, I suppose, one is planning to buy them on clearance and wear them the next fall. Which sure, I did because Zara made me do it – this dress is similar – but still.)

It’s fall! Let’s talk about sweaters. Mostly because I spent last night fascia blasting and catching up on Bachelor In Paradise and packing, and then I spent the bulk of today driving from San Jose to Santa Barbara, and then I spent the past three hours trying to convince two small children to go to sleep in what is apparently the most exciting hotel room that has ever existed (and yes, okay, the Alisal Ranch is indeed beautiful, but still: GO TO SLEEP) and now my brain is fried.



BooHoo Soft Knit Cable Sweater

This sweater is the most perfect color, and you can’t beat the price. (And that cable knit! Love.)


Free People Saturday Morning Cardigan

This is technically a cardigan rather than a sweater, but whatever: it’s cozy and made out of some kind of knitted material. Isn’t it exactly what you want to wear on an early morning run for warm bagels and coffee???


Champion Hoodie Sweatshirt

Sweatshirts don’t get better than the classic Champion sweatshirt, and this hoodie is the Platonic ideal of classic Champion sweatshirts.

(That means that this is the classic Champion sweatshirt that you should buy.)


Iris & Ink Deep-V Cashmere Sweater

If your vibe is more elegant than sporty (but you still enjoy being comfortable), this dove-gray cashmere deep V-neck is about to become your new go-to. Like, every day. (And cashmere is expensive, yes, but for cashmere this sweater is very reasonably priced.)


Lingua Franca Feminist Sweater

I would like this sweater a lot better if the proceeds – or at least some portion of them – went to an organization supporting civil rights. I love the look of it, but think that maybe you could whip this one up yourself: Start with a basic navy-blue sweatshirt, and then use an embroidery kit to DIY your own message.


Anthropologie Tisbury Turtleneck

I feel like if I were to put on this sweater along with a pair of skinny black pants and some ankle boots I might look like Kate Moss. Even if there is only the tiiiiiniest chance that this might be true, that’s a chance I’m willing to take.


Free People All About You Pullover

Those colors.


Acne Studios Oversized Ribbed Wool Sweater

This sweater costs far too much money. But if you’re in the mood to spend far too much money on something, a timelessly chic oversized knit doesn’t seem like a bad choice.


Everlane Cotton Long-Sleeve V-Neck

Everything about this sweater (and this photograph) gives me J.Crew catalog circa 1997 vibes. (That’s a good thing.)


Elder Statesman x NBA Sweater

This Lakers sweater costs $1,700.00. (But it’s cashmere! Which means it should cost a lot. By which I mean $1,500 less than what it costs.)

My suggestions is that you buy this sweatshirt instead. Or literally anything else in the world. up to and including this pen that is shaped like a finger and is also flatulent – a flatulent finger! – for entirely inexplicable reasons.

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