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Remember the shoot I did with Francesca for sirena + the sea? I loved her kimono wrap so much I ordered one for myself in navy, and wore it all weekend long – over a bathing suit by the pool; over a lightweight nightgown around the house; over a striped maxi dress wherever and everywhere.

Here is a furry sloth pillow. You’re welcome.

End of summer clearance sale ahoy!: We’re offering 20% off of our Adulting tanks with code ADULT at checkout.

I love this bed.

My parents just got back from a long trip through Asia, and my mom asked me what I wanted her to bring me back. My answer: any and all sheet masks that are not FDA-approved, and thus extremely exciting (especially if they make you look like a baby zebra while they infuse your skin with fermented snail and such). If you don’t have a family member headed overseas anytime soon, you can find quite a lot of the Korean masks online. Here’s a rundown of some of the best picks, via Daily Dot.

Burberry’s Essentials collection is gorgeous.

I’ve been writing about my decision to start using Rogaine to combat the hereditary hair loss that I’ve been experiencing these past few years, and a lot of you have asked me if it’s “really” working. Here’s my answer.

JESUS. (This Man’s Apartment is Haunted and He’s Documenting it on Twitter, via KIIS.FM.)

dog with pink cast on leg

Baby girl.

If you follow me on Instagram stories, you might be wondering whether Lucy is OK. A week ago, she started limping for no apparent reason. We brought her into the vet, and they discovered that she’d broken her leg – which they said was odd, given that there was no obvious traumatic event (none that we knew of, in any case). They were worried that the shadow they saw in the x-rays might have been the culprit; that it might have been bone cancer – and I could tell from the way the vet said it “might” be cancer that she thought it probably was. So I started trying (and largely failing) to emotionally prepare myself to lose Lucy. I took photo after photo of her; stayed up late sitting in our living room armchair and petting her until we both passed out. Then I got the call that radiology had looked at her scans, and didn’t suspect cancer. I guess we’ll never know how or why her leg broke…but it’s not cancer. And she has a hot pink cast, which seems like an obvious win. (A big thank you to the veterinary staff at VCA Animal Hospital for that; it made my kids smile during a very anxious moment.)

If you’re in the market for a sleeper sofa, this midcentury-style one is gorgeous and four hundred dollars – which makes no sense, but whatever: don’t ask questions

Francesca has been nagging me to get a FasciaBlaster for months. Have I mentioned how much I hate it when she’s right? (Why FasciaBlasters May be the Cure to Everything, via W Mag.)

What I’m drinking for Happy Hour lately: Jardesca (a California aperitiv made of a blend of white wines infused with eau de vie and infused with botanicals) with a splash of sparkling water and a sprig of fresh mint. You know, so I can pretend that summer isn’t quiiiiiiite over yet. Ugh.

Ahhhh I love copper kitchenware, and this kettle is too adorable.

Yesterday I took my son on a just-us-two date to the mall (for Color Me Mine pottery painting, $1 apiece rides, See’s candy samples, and a stop into the Apple Store to play with their new apps). At one point we randomly went into Brookstone, where we plopped down in those massage chair-things “just for fun”…and then stayed in them for about a half an hour, at which point I started feeling weird that we’d been in Brookstone for a bizarrely long time, and left. But I totally want this, you guys. I have a feeling it might change my life.

There’s so much terrible stuff in the news lately – and then, once in awhile, there’s something like this. (Man Talks Suicidal Woman in NYC Subway Out Of Jumping, via NY Daily News.)

Not totally accurate in my case, as I am the only New Yorker on the planet who maintains that Times Square is awesome, but still: this map that breaks down what people hate the most in each state is enlightening, to say the least. (What Does Your State Hate? via HuffPo.)

hot pink and gold wine glasses

I spotted these wine glasses at a Napa winery that we stopped into on our girls’ camping weekend and almost bought them…but then realized that I’m 99.9% certain I can just go ahead and make the things. Y/N? Tips and tricks?

I was intrigued by the idea behind Creation Crate – it’s billed as a monthly subscription kit that teaches people of all ages (even technologically-inept grownups, theoretically) how to code via “simple” projects – and I ordered one to try out with my son…but…ummmmm….I couldn’t do it. I was supposed to make a little light with changing colors, and I managed the wiring part, but once it told me to go to the computer and start inputing data I realized that I didn’t even have the very basic vocabulary necessary to get started. But that doesn’t mean the service isn’t fun and awesome for the right person – if you have an older kid who’s already learned some basic coding concepts in school (because they apparently do that these days), it’d be great.

A few years ago, my friend Sara Ziff started The Model Alliance to push for change in the fashion industry, giving models a voice in their work and installing protections in the workplace (where sexual harassment and pressure to engage in starvation dieting are prevalent). Given the massive visibility of the women and men who work in the modeling industry – and their subsequent impact on everything from public health to standards of beauty – it’s pretty awesome work she’s doing. (You can learn more about The Model Alliance here.)

I have to admit that I am a secret Melania fan, almost entirely because of the shade she regularly throws in her husband’s direction, but also because I hold out a teeny, tiny shred of hope that it will be she who ultimately undoes this mess and takes it down to Chinatown. Still: I couldn’t figure out what I thought about those photos of her headed to Houston in stilettos. I mean, obviously there are bigger things to whine about these days, and obviously if you have a problem with her the bigger issue is the fact that she’s choosing not to use the platform she has unwittingly been pushed onto for the greater good (and yes, the fact that it’s a choice makes her unfortunately complicit). This article isn’t perfect, but it made sense to me. Choice quote: “[Melania and Ivanka’s] oddly stilted presence in political settings seems to transform all occasions, no matter how ‘presidential,’ into advertisements…instead of being a supporting presence in the president’s trip to survey flood damage, Melania became the star and the trip morphed into a simulacrum, a kind of Vogue shoot ‘simulating’ a president’s trip.” (Melania Trump and the Chilling Artifice of Fashion, via The Cut.)

Here, in case you needed it, is evidence supporting why you should not ever, EVER ghost someone. Like, ever. (I Ghosted My Ex and She’s About to be My New Boss, via AskAManager.)

Delia’s! (47 Things You’ll Immediately Understand if You Were a Teen in the Late ’90s, via Buzzfeed.)

oh shit I'm pregnant book

Our book has made it to France, and it apparently has an extremely different cover en français. I am OK with this, because it is amazing.

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