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It has begun. The school year officially started just four days ago (and yes, I too am completely perplexed by the fact that public schools – at least out here – now open in mid-August), and we’re all still…shall we say, “finding our legs”?

There’s a little bit of chaos in the mornings. But also a lot of excitement, so that’s good.

One thing that makes life easier is that I now (mooooostly) let my kids choose their own clothing. A couple of back-to-school shopping trips are under our collective belts, and we are now fully stocked up with outfits that are both cool-looking and functional (flip-flops out; sturdy sneakers in, that kind of thing).

If you scroll down past the photos of the extremely fancy and impressive lemonade stand we set up the other afternoon (total customers = 1, despite the spectacular pricing), you’ll find my Top 10 finds from our back-to-school trip to Kohl’s. FYI, Kohl’s is holding a friends and family sale from 8/17-8/20, and you can get 20% off site-wide with promotional code FF20OFF. (The prices are crazy; I actually did a double-take when the cashier rang me up because I was certain she’d missed like half my items.)

On her: Shorts; T-Shirt; SneakersOn him: Shorts; T-Shirt; Sneakers

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kohls back to school outfitskohls back to school outfitskohls back to school outfits

kohls back to school outfitskohls back to school outfits



Double-Tongue Converse Sneakers (in Light Blue)

Copy: These are absolutely, hands-down the coolest kids’ sneakers I have ever seen. I totally want a pair, and so does Kendrick. My son, alas, refuses to wear shoes with laces (…anybody else completely forget to teach their kid how to tie his shoes, thanks to the proliferation of E-Z On shoes…? Oooooops), so these didn’t actually come home with us. Somebody should have them, though. They’re so good.


Colorblock Running Shorts

These remind me of those shorts that the cool soccer player girls used to wear in high school, and so obviously I think they’re awesome. They’re by Under Armour and come in lots of different colors, and are breathable and lightweight and great for super-active days.



I don’t exaaaactly know what this is. But I love this movie, and I love this character, and so I love this…watch-ish thing.


Patchwork Anorak

I love me some patches, and I love me a good anorak. Ergo, I love this for all back-to-school children everywhere.


Captain America Raglan Hoodie

Our son is obviously all about Captain America, and I really like this not-too-cartoon-y take on a branded top; it’s subtler than most, and has raglan sleeves that are bot


Under Armour Shorts & Jogging Pants

Lightweight track pants and shorts are apparently all my son wants to wear. Like every day. Everywhere.


Teeny-Tiny Stan Smiths



This Graphic Tee


And This Graphic Tee


...And OK, Fine, This One Too

(Did I mention that all the tees pictured here are $7 or under?)

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