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Verdad (A Fall Preview)

Verdad Trousers c/o | Eileen Fisher Crop Sweater | Miu Miu Clogs (similar)

What, you don’t wear five-inch heels and stunning high-waisted trousers to cavort about in the desert? (Neither do I. Pretty background, though, right?) Those are the hills near my house – which are lovely and green in the winter, but turn into a dried-out (albeit atmospheric) wasteland by August. And if this location looks familiar, that’s because you saw it here.

These pants, though. They’re by a brand that Francesca works with – Verdad – and they are perfect, so she brought me a pair when she visited the other weekend.

May I explain why they are perfect?

Thank you; I will. It’s because they’re not just “high-waisted,” they’re super high-waisted – like, they come up to the very bottom of my ribcage. Which does two things: 1) It lets you pair them with boxy crop-tops without showing that little sliver of skin that generally shows with high-wasted clothing, and that not everyone feels like putting on display all the time (myself included, because the Coronas have been good to me this summer), and 2) It holds all those slivers of skin that you don’t feel like putting on display exactly where you want them to be.

These pants aren’t cheap, to be sure, but they are also cut spectacularly, and if you’re a capsule-type dresser (just a handful of really beautiful, well-made items that work all the time, everywhere), these are your next buy.

P.S. These trousers aren’t yet available in black, but they’re for sale online in blue denim, and because you read RG you get to pre-order them and be one of the first to own them; just email

super high waist black trousers by verdad  super high waist black trousers by verdad super high waist black trousers by verdad

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    Your arm muscles are on point here.