Raise Your Hand If You’d Like A Pet Dragon

Yeah, I want a pet dragon too.

OK, so at the Renaissance Faire last weekend I decided to switch up my usual floaty look and dress up like a pirate, instead: my son’s sword, Kendrick’s vest, a big feather thing that’s meant to be used in a smudging ceremony, and my awesome J.Crew pants that Kendrick thinks aren’t especially awesome because they make me look like a potato. (He is wrong; the potato part is the awesomest part.) What I wore to the Ren Faire has nothing to do with pet dragons, of course – I’m just mentioning my outfit because I was super into it and think that “pirate” is my fair look going forward, and figured you should probably be aware of this.

Moving on: please look at what I found being sold at a stand called Wyverns Of Whimsy.

Wyverns of Whimsy handmade dragons

That would be a dragon. And oh, there were more of them. The dragons at Wyverns of Whimsy look like a mashup between Muppets and something that David Bowie would carry around in Labyrinth, and are so bizarrely adorable that I found myself desperately wanting to bring one home.

They come in all different sizes, of course. As dragons do.

There are enormous dragons that know the mysteries of the ages (you can tell because they have crystal-bedecked noses.)

Wyverns of Whimsy handmade dragons

There are medium-sized dragons that are large enough to be weird, but small enough to be huggable (the perfect combo, IMO).

Wyverns of Whimsy handmade dragons

And, best of all, there are tiny, fluffy baby dragons. I could not convince my daughter to turn this one’s face so I could see it, but you get the picture.

Wyverns of Whimsy handmade dragons


(There are also Dragon Eyes and Dragon Teeth; I went home with one of the latter tied to a silk ribbon, because I’m not sure what Christmas Tree is complete without a hanging dragon’s tooth.)

Wyverns of Whimsy handmade dragons

The artist behind Wyverns of Whimsy, Sarah Cohen (shown above charming my daughter), can do special commissions if you’re extremely specific about your pet-dragon requirements. You can find out more on her Instagram.