We Need To Talk About Skorts

Business in the front…

I own a skort. (I know this may be painful for you to hear. I’m sorry.)

It’s not my fault, exactly – it’s just that I love the idea of a skirt, but almost never actually wear one because a) it’s hard for me to find one that flatters my swizzle sticks, and b) Although my underwear is actually pretty cute nowadays (thank you Gap Breathe), let’s skip having the neighborhood see it, shall we? (Related: I trip a lot.)

frayed denim skort from Zara

Party in the back…

Anyway, I was at Zara poking around in the sale section, and saw a really cute denim skirt for $12, picked it up despite the fact that I know better, and then flipped it over to look for the size. And that’s when I saw it:


So I bought it. And now I am the kind of person who wears a skort.

P.S. Regardless of your opinion about the particular skort pictured here, you have to admit that this one is spectacular.

  • Haha, no judgment here! It looks great on you. It’s funny, because I was just going to comment that I have a similar skirt for winter from Zara (though it’s black, quilted, and not a skort but a skirt, so not similar AT ALL), and I like the wrap front, because it’s flattering!