A Little (More) Help Over Here, Please?

I would like my table to look like this, please. 

I’m on a big redecorating kick, as you might be able to tell. First there was the exterior makeover, and then the kitchen makeover, and then the backyard makeover, and then there was the kitchen island/bar addition (I’m STILL waiting on barstools for this, and will definitely post about once I get the stools in, because I ENDED UP MAKING THE BAR MYSELF AND IT’S AWESOME).

And then I decided every single plant in my home needed to be moved to another location, and then I replaced my wood coffee table with a glass one, and then I started getting weird about artfully arranging books on top of it…and now I’m trying to figure out what to do with the console I bought to make the kitchen/dining room not feel horribly unbalanced once the new island/bar thing was in.

(If you’re wondering how I’m affording all this furniture-replacing, by the way: actually been able to sell pretty much everything I’m replacing for nearly the same price as the piece I’m replacing it with, so I’m coming out relatively even.)

The problem: Our kitchen and dining room is just one looooong, semi-narrow space, and the way it’s set up there’s only one real option for where our (massive, heavy) dining room table and (massive, heavy) dining room bench can go: against the wall. And before the island was in, I had a little secondary dining area for the kids set up along the opposite wall, with a wood-and-stone coffee table and my beloved horsehide chairs. But once the island arrived, it was all wayyyyyy too much furniture for such a narrow space.

(Sorry, kids. You can eat at the new island!)

But once I moved out the coffee table and chairs, every single piece of furniture in the room was on one side, which made me worry that the house might tip over. I played around with different ideas for what to do along the wall opposite the dining room table, and decided on a console – a clear tempered glass one, because I’m slowly replacing all of the dark, heavy furniture that worked so well on the East Coast with all things light and bright.

Anyway, now I have a clear glass console. Last night I decided to post my efforts at styling it on IG Stories, and LOVED the suggestions I got – Audrey suggested a Moroccan pouf under the table next to the plant; Lauren reminded me to do something simple on top and something interesting down below; Evin suggested I get rid of the gold thing (done); etc – but still:

how to style a glass console table

Something is off. I think. (Am I crazy?)

Anyone have suggestions for what needs to be adjusted here in order to make it work? I have lots of stuff to work with – a wood record player, tons of books, tiny white benches, crystal skulls, copper pitchers, etc. …Or do I just really need a heavier piece of furniture there, period? (In which case I could totally swap in the big wood console table that’s currently housing our TV, and have the TV go on the glass console. But I could still use some styling help, because table-styling is apparently not something I’m especially talented at.)

Product Info: Homegoods Stool (similar); Console Table; Gray Malin “Riccione Multicolor Umbrella” Print; Laura Ricciardi “Stay Gold” Painting.

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