Jump (Suited)

Every morning from April through September, during the blur of activity that happens between 730AM (when my kids wake me up; and yes I know I am lucky that they let me sleep that late) and 830AM (when I load everyone into the car and head off to my son’s camp drop-off), there is one consistent:

I will reach for a pair of denim shorts. I will pause, because I am bored to the depths of my soul of wearing denim shorts, and I will scan my closet for something else to put on my body. I will find only various incarnations of misery (tight jeans, mostly; I cannot handle anything snug-fitting at all when it’s ten thousand degrees outside) or things that I don’t feel cute in, because I’m distinctly blah lately and nothing makes me feel cute.

And so I will put on my denim shorts, think about wearing something other than a t-shirt on top, then put on a t-shirt and go about my day.

Last Friday, I decided to take the day off – like, completely off – and have a little one-on-one time with my daughter while my son was at his last day of camp. We went to the Children’s Discovery Museum and played with bubbles, got ice cream, and then headed over to the mall for Mommy’s Turn To Have Fun, a.k.a. a trip to Zara while my daughter did whatever she does on my phone.

If you haven’t ever been to a Zara sale, oh my god you are missing out and need to fix this: everything is so good and so cheap. The jumpsuit here, for example? $12.99. Let’s not pretend it’ll replace my denim shorts, but for $12.99 it’s worth a shot.

white overall jumpsuit from Zarawhite overall jumpsuit from Zarawhite overall jumpsuit from Zara

Photos by Kim Ebbets.

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