Because My Life Is Dope And I Do Dope Sh*t

Here is the best thing that happened to me this week, and maybe ever: Francesca’s boyfriend Brenden – who is now my all-time favorite human – gave me a massive t-shirt by (and signed by) Sean Glass, which says this:


If this makes zero sense to you, please do yourself a favor and watch this Jimmy Fallon clip about the first time Dave Chapelle met Kanye West, and why – despite having no idea who he was – Dave immediately knew that Kanye was going to be a huge star. Watch it right now. It’s too good.

And because this should probably be posted to the Internet, here I am wearing the shirt extremely glamorously (by which I mean to bed). In case you were wondering, I am going to wear this shirt to bed every night FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, and perhaps during the daytime as well. Whether I can wear it as a dress or whether it needs to maintain its identity as a t-shirt is a mystery that has yet to be solved.

(I’m sorry, Kendrick. I am aware that this is not especially attractive. Blame Brenden.)

kanye west because my life is dope and i do dope shit dave chapelle

(If you want the shirt, which you clearly should, it is here.)

  • Beffgus

    Oh for fuck’s sake, I love this so much.

    • jordanreid

      did you watch the video?!?!?! SO GOOD.

      • Beffgus

        Oh yes. I’d seen it before but I will never get tired of it.