The End Of An Era (And A Question)

Good-bye, lovely.

‘Tis the end of an era: I am, at long last, selling my crazy-amazing antique lamp.

(You know, the one that I found at a junk shop for $75 and purchased despite the fact that my friend Katie declared it to officially be The Most Hideous Lamp Ever Created and literally could not believe that anyone on the planet would think otherwise?) That one.)

I am one thousand percent convinced that this lamp, while perhaps not being to everyone’s personal taste, was an epic antique find for the ages. The thing is just completely bizarre and unique, and I can find nothing at all even remotely similar to it on the Internet (I found one lamp that had similar characteristics on eBay a few years ago, and it was listed at close to $4k). It’s about three feet tall, with an intricate wrought-iron base (that was maybe originally brass and later painted powder blue, or maybe originally powder blue and now just wearing down in spots…?) and blue glass panels that turn translucent when the light is on. It’s INSANE. I adore it. But I want to get rid of it because it’s far too insane and amazing to continue sitting where it is: on a table in my garage that I’m also trying to sell. There’s just nowhere in my house where a three-foot-tall blue lamp makes sense (and trust me, I have tried to find one).

But I cannot sell it until I know what it is: where it’s from, who might have made it, what it’s worth. I NEED TO KNOW. Because there is no way the story behind something like this isn’t a good one. And because I also have no idea what to charge for it.

So here’s my question for you: what do I do now?

Seriously, I have no idea how to even go about beginning a search for information on this piece, short of going on Antiques Roadshow (which, ummmmmmmmmmm please?). I did send an email to a national antiques bureau-type place, but never heard back.

I need to unravel this mystery, because I need this lamp out of my garage before it falls victim to one of my children, but do not want to send it out into the universe before I know what I’m sending. Because I love it.

Help me?

UPDATE: I took the lamp apart and found stamps that say “Accurate Casting” (a company that went out of business in the ’80s), 1968, and 8884. So I take it that it was made in 1968, but beyond that this information isn’t helping me figure out much about this particular lamp – Google searches turn up a lot of ceramic hurricane lamps, but nothing quite like this.

large wrought iron base lamp with translucent blue glass panels

large wrought iron base lamp with translucent blue glass panels

large wrought iron base lamp with translucent blue glass panels

large wrought iron base lamp with translucent blue glass panelslarge wrought iron base lamp with translucent blue glass panels

  • Katie Kornstein

    RIP hideously ugly lamp, may you make someone else very happy LOL

    • jordanreid


  • Olivia

    Ask the guys from American Pickers!

  • Val

    That lamp is a war crime. Regardless, I was hoping you’d be able to squeeze some actual money out of it, but it looks like it might be worth $30 – $90.

    You may have found this already, but here’s a post with info from a guy who claims to be part of the family that owned Accurate Casting Co. (this is actually a re-post of a comment the guy left in reply to someone like you who was looking for info on their own nightmarish lamp). http://www.artifactcollectors.com/accurate-casting-company-622.html

    • jordanreid

      and nooooooooo really?!?!?!?

  • antheapena

    But that’s our baby! I remember you finding it like it was yesterday. Are you suuuuuure? Well, seems you are, I hope someone can help you get to the bottom of its heritage

    • jordanreid

      ha! I still love it; just cannot for the life of me make it work. like, anywhere.

  • Marina Buckler

    Is it possible that they were separate components at some point? To me the style between base and shade seem inconsistent, with the shade almost Moroccan and the base almost rococo.

    • jordanreid

      I would think that, except that one lamp that I found years ago looked the same, with the intricate iron base and those round glass panels. that one was white, but the panels were blue as well.

  • Sarah Arnold

    That lamp is amazing and I have 12 places in my house for it.

    • jordanreid

      haha – a reader already requested it, but if she ends up not going forward, it’s yours 🙂

  • Dana

    Yikes that lamp is…. not pretty. You can get a valuation from an “expert’ on valuemystuff (dotcom) for 15 bucks. I’ve done it a few times and have been pleasantly surprised (things I thought were valuable weren’t and vice versa). Even if you give it away — at least you’ll know!!