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Here is my Glossier face (the products I used for this look: Super Glow SerumPerfecting Skin TintStretch ConcealerCloud Paint in Dusk, Boy Brow in Blonde, Balm Dotcom in Rose, and Generation G Lipstick in Cake, plus Make Up For Ever Liquid Eyeliner and a dark brown NARS shadow). If you missed it the first time, a video with my totally unfiltered thoughts on Glossier is here.

Do your upcoming travel planes include things like planes and babies? You’ll be fine. Probably. Read this first, in any case: So Many Babies On A Plane (Or How To Make It Through A Long Flight With Kids).

I definitely compared having dogs to having kids back in the day, and now I completely understand why these statements were met with either eye-rolls or outright fury. Dogs bite you way less than kids do, poop outside, and tend not to have meltdowns over whether they’re allowed to watch another Bubble Guppies episode. Ergo, dogs are not kids. (Saying Your Dog Is Your ‘Baby’ Is An Insult To Moms Everywhere, via Pop Sugar.)

I want a she-shed, and I want it to be just for naps. (14 Of The Most Tricked-Out She-Sheds Ever, via Tip Hero.)

Important information if you do a lot of summer entertaining: the ultimate Frosé recipe. Enjoy.

I’m constantly searching for my next favorite t-shirt. This one is lightweight, has a perfectly frayed neckline, comes in great pastel and neutral shades, and is $22 (with free shipping).

Here you go. Now can we move on, plz? (A Roundup Of The Best Cofveve Memes And Jokes on Twitter, via Nerdist.)

“I thought to myself, ‘I’m engaging with the devils right now.'” Whoa. (The Secret Evangelicals At Planned Parenthood, via Marie Claire.)

For years, I carried a handkerchief in my back pocket nearly all the time – a habit from my bartending days – and it always came in handy at unexpected moments. I love the ethos behind American Handkerchief: they create stylish, super-soft handkerchiefs intended to be worn, carried, used, whatever – and the Everyday Carry Pack they just released for Father’s Day is simple perfection.

If you are under age 31, do not read this, because you will not understand it. Everyone else has to, though, because it is perfect. P.S. I was totally the kid who owned the bootleg Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee VHS tape. Try not to be jealous. (35 Things Late-’90s Teens Have Completely Forgotten About, via BuzzFeed.)

Not a new post, but I love these ideas for unconventional kitchen design (think pallets as dish storage, workbenches as countertops, etc). (The Unfitted Kitchen: 14 Deconstructed Spaces, via Remodelista.)

Divorce selfies. Honestly fascinating. (Divorce Selfies are the Newest Thing and They’re Amazing, Awkward, and Kinda Pure, via Buzzfeed.)

Jordan Reid wearing a Rent The Runway dress by Cushnie et Ochs

I borrowed this Cushnie et Ochs dress from Rent The Runway, and didn’t end up wearing it because it was way too much for the event I was wearing it to (our charity: water TBFAB launch party/fundraiser), but still: one of the all-time most gorgeous pieces of fabric I have ever put on my body. (I just looked it up, and it’s actually 40% off via the Nordstrom sale that’s going on right now, but still…you know, it’s Cushnie et Ochs. Still pricey.)

And about that fundraiser: if you’d like to donate to charity: water, the link to TBFAB’s fundraiser is here.

Aaaaaand on a related topic: if you’ve read The Big Fat Activity Book For Pregnant People and have any opinion about it whatsoever, I’d be so, so grateful if you’d consider leaving a review here.

Killer list, and now I want to own Feminist Baby. (15 Best Story Books to Read to Budding Feminists, via Mommy Nearest.)

For those who enjoy sharp social commentary with a modern feminist agenda and pictures of butts (…I mean, isn’t that everyone?), @publicserviceasses is a new Instagram account you should probably consider following. (NSFW)

I’m all for having a grownups table and a kids’ table at parties, for obvious reasons like screaming. If you’re on the same page, here is a well-priced, simple, kid-sized outdoor table. If you’d like to get a bit more stylish (and expensive) with your kids’ table pick, try this one (which has a striped umbrella and is so f’in cute I can’t stand it).

Four more days left in Nordstrom’s Half-Yearly Sale, with up to 40% off! My picks are here…but my number-one pick that I forgot to put on that list? This Coach bag. Ooooooooo.

If you’re in the market for an amber teething necklace, I suggest you pick up this ombre one. (Or this turquoise anklet style.)

While everyone piles on Kathy Griffin (which, yes, ugh…but excuse me, while we’re firing Kathy could we also fire the guy who publicly mocked a disabled person and then bragged about pussy-grabbing? Please?), let’s take a moment to explore the other human involved in this scandal. Apparently Tyler Shields the photography world’s version of The Fat Jew. (Is Celebrity Photographer Tyler Shields Inspired, Or Copying Other Artists? via Vice.)

Salted chocolate covered watermelon, watermelon pineapple slushies, and oh my goodness so many other delicious watermelon-y things. (7 New Ways To Eat Watermelon, via Lonny.)

“It’s the circus. It’s what a classic authoritarian does. It’s not just about influencing your institutions, your values. They want to influence your reality.” – Hillary Clinton. Please watch this. (Hillary Clinton’s Full Interview from the Code Conference, via Recode.)

My birthday present from my mom and dad: this frying pan. It has a copper core, so it’s super conductive, heats up in seconds, and cooks food incredibly evenly, but the nonstick surface makes cleanup about ten million times easier (literally just a quick wipe with soap and water). It is – for real – completely revolutionizing the way I cook. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Nadine Jolie Courtney's Romancing the Throne

My wonderful, brilliant, funny, and spectacularly talented friend Nadine Jolie Courtney just released her third book, and her first YA novel. Romancing the Throne – about two sisters who fall in love with the same prince. You can order it here if you have a young adult in your life, or are in search of a fun beach read by a woman who seriously loves her some royal gossip.

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