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My (Totally Unfiltered) Take On Glossier

Off-topic, but the tracksuit I’m wearing here is everything. I think you should own it. 

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of Glossier – you know, the brand that posts those incredible videos on Facebook of spectacularly stunning women rubbing some impossibly sheer liquid into their spectacularly stunning cheekbones, and all of a sudden becoming even more spectacularly stunning?

Yeah, those.

Erin is a recent convert to the Cult of Glossier, and when I was visiting her she showed me some of her favorite products and how to use them – because if you think “Um, excuse me, I’ve been wearing makeup for two decades now; I can figure out what to do with a new product without a formal lesson and/or YouTube tutorial”…you can’t. Or maybe you can, but had I tried to do that with Glossier products I think things would have taken a turn for the worse around the Cloud Paint and ended up going completely off the rails by the time I hit the Boy Brow. I put videos of the products up on Instagram Stories, and so many people commented asking what I *actually* thought of the products that I decided it merited a full-on investigation, complete with video. (OK, and I also wanted an excuse to order the products myself. Because once you get the hang of it, a lot of them are pretty great.)

In the video above, I try out (and give my thoughts on) the following products:

(The numbers tell you where to jump to in the video in case you’re only interested in hearing about certain ones.)

Verdict: Excellent. Kiiiiind of revolutionary, even. But with major caveats.

Would love to hear your own thoughts on the brand, if you’ve got ’em.

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