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My (Totally Unfiltered) Take On Glossier

Off-topic, but the tracksuit I’m wearing here is everything. I think you should own it. 

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of Glossier – you know, the brand that posts those incredible videos on Facebook of spectacularly stunning women rubbing some impossibly sheer liquid into their spectacularly stunning cheekbones, and all of a sudden becoming even more spectacularly stunning?

Yeah, those.

Erin is a recent convert to the Cult of Glossier, and when I was visiting her she showed me some of her favorite products and how to use them – because if you think “Um, excuse me, I’ve been wearing makeup for two decades now; I can figure out what to do with a new product without a formal lesson and/or YouTube tutorial”…you can’t. Or maybe you can, but had I tried to do that with Glossier products I think things would have taken a turn for the worse around the Cloud Paint and ended up going completely off the rails by the time I hit the Boy Brow. I put videos of the products up on Instagram Stories, and so many people commented asking what I *actually* thought of the products that I decided it merited a full-on investigation, complete with video. (OK, and I also wanted an excuse to order the products myself. Because once you get the hang of it, a lot of them are pretty great.)

In the video above, I try out (and give my thoughts on) the following products:

(The numbers tell you where to jump to in the video in case you’re only interested in hearing about certain ones.)

Verdict: Excellent. Kiiiiind of revolutionary, even. But with major caveats.

Would love to hear your own thoughts on the brand, if you’ve got ’em.

  • Christine Kron

    Awesome – thanks for the demo and thoughts! Some day I’ll jump on the Glossier wagon : D

  • It was super interesting to hear your thoughts on the products you tried and to see them in action. I really wanted to love Glossier, but it just wasn’t for me in the end. I ordered the priming moisturiser and the cleanser and felt so “meh” about both of them … in fact, I still have tons of product left as I really don’t enjoy using them. But, the packaging is so pretty and I know so many people who absolutely adore it.

    • jordanreid

      I think the moisturizer is one of the products I’m least excited about (haven’t tried the cleanser other than once at Erin’s place, and I can’t remember much about it) – it’s good, but not wildly dissimilar from other “good” moisturizers. if you’re still interested in experimenting I’d say the stretch concealer and the lipstick are my two favorite products, because they’re unlike other things out there and I love love love the texture of both.

  • Manda

    I am on board with Glossier, about a week in, and pretty damn happy.

    -I was so sick of the makeup “feeling,” and this doesn’t feel makeup-y. Feels fantastic. And no need for brushes! Not a fan of brushes.
    -The cloud paint. I use the Puff shade on my cheeks and the Dusk shade on my eyes. They look amazing.
    -The cleanser and the primer/moisturizer do what I need them to do, and my skin looks great. I wanted something less harsh and more moisturizing as I age (!), and this seems to be doing the trick.
    -The lip balm is really spectacular. I find that putting the Generation G on first and then the balm over it gives more control over how dark you make it, and the Generation G has enough moisture in it that it doesn’t dry my lips out under the balm.
    -The concealer also does not make me feel makeup-y and does not dry out my skin the way other concealer does.

    Don’t love:
    -Wanted to love the boy brow, but I only like it. I was hoping I could do something dramatic with my blond brows, but when you use a lot of it, it feels very cakey to me and ew. I imagine it’s better for the dark-browed folks.
    -My biggest skin issue is the dark circles under my eyes, and the concealer doesn’t go the distance on those. I still use my tiger grass and Bobbi Brown undereye corrector there.
    -They don’t have eyeliner/mascara, boo.
    -While the cloud paint on my eyes lasts all day, it does not on my cheeks and looks like I’ve got nothing on in that department by the end of the day. Which is maybe because I don’t use foundation. Which leads me to …

    Need to try:
    -The foundation. I’ve never used any in my life, but given your description of how light it is, maybe this is the one for me?

  • Laura

    I love Glossier! The Skin Tint is amazing. I’ve always been anti-foundation, and even tinted moisturizers feel too makeup-y for me. I don’t wear it often, just when I’m dressing up & want to put make-up on, but it really does the trick. The cleanser was great for a while, and then my skin had a very strong reaction to it, so I haven’t tried it since then. I am IN LOVE with Generation G! I tried it right when it first came out, and I’m still in love. It looks like you have nothing on your lips, just a brighter version of your own natural color. I’m in between concealer colors, so it didn’t work for me, but the consistency seemed to be nice. Oh, and the balm is great! I’m excited to try the Cloud Paint.

    • jordanreid

      I need to try more generation g colors – they’re SO good.

      • Laura

        “Like” is my favorite so far. I kind of want to try the deeper raspberry looking one.

  • antheapena

    I’ve treated myself to some products based on your recs & others, the SPF face cream I’ve heard is a must. The prices were far better than I expected, TY for the post. ps) your house is looking wonderful!

    • jordanreid

      thank you so much! and I’m so glad you like the products – I want to try the SPF face cream too 🙂

      • antheapena

        Update- I use the Super Glow twice daily, it’s SO light & liquidy I find it hard to “believe” it’s actually doing anything. I suppose I’m used to using an oil in the evening which is richer.I’ll keep using though
        The SPF is smooth as silk, almost like a primer, I would definitely use a much higher SPF for a day in the sun though, I’ll use this just as a day-to-day cautionary product (I’m very fair skinned too)

        • jordanreid

          agree re: super glow – it literally feels like water to me. i’m not sure i’d buy it again.
          and for spf, if you want a higher spf with lightweight coverage, try neova – that’s what i use and it’s PHENOMENAL. spf 40, totally non greasy, and a perfect amount of coverage (IMO).

          • antheapena

            Marvelous, will try

  • kristinbooker

    I have to jump in here and say that if you want to try something pretty rad, try the Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask. It’s light enough that you can sleep in it (as a matter of fact, that’s exactly what I’d suggest you do) and it’s really adds a lot of hydration and helps even texture from flying, air conditioning, sun exposure or just a general lack of sleep. The makeup is good, but those masks are an unsung hero.

    • jordanreid

      ooh! okay, will try it out.