What’s Wrong With This Picture?

A non-terrible way to spend a Sunday morning: hanging out at your friend’s beautiful children’s boutique, signing copies of your new book and eating really a lot of donuts while your excessively-sugared up, primed-for-a-tantrum-of-epic-proportions children are off doing…well, you don’t know. But something else. (Thank you, Kendrick.)

Everything was lovely about this morning except one tiiiiiiny little thing. Or rather, two tiny little (but still much bigger than normal) things. Take a look at that photograph above. Notice anything a little “off” about it? In the region of my face, perhaps?


Try this one:

See it now? That little “adjustment” to my jawline that suggests that I may have tucked handfuls of walnuts into each cheek, like the world’s least-adorable chipmunk?

(You may really not see it. If you don’t, that’s the photo’s fault, because trust me: it was visible.)

Those cheeks of mine were the less-than-desirable result of last week’s BBL laser treatment (the second in the series of three I’m getting in an attempt to lessen my rosacea). Last time I had a laser treatment, I had a few days of redness (the treatment makes the pigment in your face even more prominent before reducing redness and sun spots, so this is normal). This time I had almost no post-treatment redness, hooray – but…ummmmmmm…..

I had jowls. Jowls. (These photos were taken three days post-treatment, when they had shrunk into the approximate size of cheese puffs – I wasn’t in the mood to have a camera in my face while I was busy looking all jowly – but I promise: the effect was dramatic enough that poking my cheeks became my children’s entertainment for an entire evening.)

I’m mentioning this because I want to make sure any of you who are considering a BBL treatment know that it is possible – not likely, but possible – that you, too will end up looking chipmunk-y for a couple of days. I still think the end result is worth it – my rosacea-associated redness has decreased dramatically (although I still think I should explore topical treatments, too) – but swelling is a little tougher to conceal than redness, and…I don’t know, it seems like good information for you to have. In case spending three straight days having everyone who sees you do a double-take and say, “What’s wrong with your face?” doesn’t sound like an especially fun situation.

More event photos that include things that are prettier than my post-embarrassing-vanity-related-mishap cheeks, below.


  • Sarah Arnold

    I had it too. Not in the same place but my eyes were quite swollen for two days after my second one. I drank a ton of water each day and that lessened the swelling but the evening. I wonder what round three will do to me?

    • jordanreid

      I had the swelling around my eyes the first time, but it wasn’t nearly as extreme as this. I tried icing it, but that didn’t work especially well – it’s only today (a full week later) that I look completely back to normal again – albeit a “normal” with much more even skin 🙂 It’s still worth it to me, but the fact that you may look pretty odd for a few days is definitely something to consider re: timing. (like maybe don’t have a book signing three days later, lol.)

      • Sarah Arnold

        Wow! I think that means that they did it pretty intense. I asked why they don’t numb me like they did you and she said that they need to be able to tell how much it hurts (yeah for me) so that they don’t go too strong. I think I wish they numbed the heck out of me and blasted away.

        • jordanreid

          OH. Yes, this was a different technician and she didn’t numb me either, then did one spot on my face and I said nope, numb me please. I think she did just go way too hard on those particular spots (which aren’t even areas that especially needed treatment). Maybe a different technician next time 🙂 (But if you’ve gone a couple of times now, they should know what to do with you, no? I don’t know how you tolerated it without numbing cream!

          • Sarah Arnold

            That’s why I couldn’t believe you could sit still. Half the time I LITERALLY have both legs in the air (no sense made, it just helps somehow) while squeezing an rubber ball and am physically trying to get away from it. Then she gives me a break and asks if I want to it turned down. Heck no. I didn’t pay $1200 for comfort, I paid for results. Glad to know I am not a wimp like I was thinking.