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There are so many good things in this photo. First, see that wine bottle? It was designed by a friend of mine, Leslie Bruce, in collaboration with Speak Wines, and the inside is as delicious as the outside is witty. (You have to check out the entire line; the bottles are gorgeous and clearly super fun to bring to a party, and the entire business is run by women – no small feat in the male-dominated world of wine.)

 Second thing in that photo that deserves mention: An American Girl In London is by another friend of mine, Marissa (who you may know from the Bravo show Ladies Of London), and it is as sweet and funny and lovely as she is – and she is one of the sweetest and funniest and loveliest people around. She grew up in SoCal and later moved to London with her husband, and so the book is full of British classics with a California twist (Baked Brown Butter French Toast, Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie, Bubble & Squeak, etc.).

 Third and final thing in that photo that I need to tell you: I put on nail polish (this color) specifically to take it, which was annoying at the time because “self-care” hasn’t been high on my priority list for a couple of months. Except now I remember what it feels like to have pretty nails, and am going to have to keep this up. (At least until June.) (Maybe.)

Am currently in the middle of a backyard makeover and these palm pillows are making me super happy about what’s to come.

 My son is about to lose his first tooth. I have nothing else to say about this. Because if I say anything I will cry.

A photograph of Kendall Jenner just made me want to buy a six-hundred-dollar sweatshirt. I AM A VICTIM OF THE MACHINE. (Also don’t worry. I am obviously not going to buy this.)

 PopSugar just told me that these Vans are the new Stan Smiths. So that’s that, I guess. (I still like these the best.)

 “In response to [Trump’s presidency], we can wish it were different and stay miserable, or we can accept our new world.” This article about radical acceptance and how to handle the fact that the world feels like a waking nightmare right now is a good one. (How To Stay Sane If Trump Is Driving You Insane: Advice From A Therapist, via Medium.)

 In the mood to read something today that’s an incredible mashup of macabre and genius? Here you go: A website that will help you send your ashes to a Republican representative who voted for AHCA in the event you die as a result of the ACA repeal. Jesus.

 This. Read this. All the way to the end. (You’re Not Going To Believe What I’m About To Tell You, via The Oatmeal.)

glossier serum trio on ramshackle glam

 While I was staying with Erin last weekend, she introduced me to Glossier serums, and now I need to own them. Super Bounce hydrates your skin, Super Glow brightens it, and Super Pure calms breakouts, and my face needs help in all three arenas. (FYI, you can get all three for just $65 with free shipping and free returns.)

Speaking of Glossier: I finally tried out Cloud Paint, and you need to own it in Dusk so you can smear it all over your eyelids.

 I was so obsessed with the black jumpsuit I borrowed from Rent The Runway and wore to the Housing Works event last week that I went hunting for it online to see if I could buy it…and…oh. It appears not.

 I kicked off pool season this weekend by purchasing this pool float, and I do not regret it one single little bit.

 When I first moved out of the city, I felt like a tiny baby deer trying to pick my way through a terrifying new world of snow shoveling, exterior light replacements, and trash pickup schedules (the HORROR). I relate to this article completely, except for the part where the people fleeing Manhattan prices can afford to live in Park Slope, because nope. (Growing Up In, And Outgrowing, Manhattan, via NY Times.)

 This story from Mommy, Ever After just blew me away. CHECK YOUR CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS.

 I spent a good five years in the mid-2000s utterly incapable of finding a job. This article on the best resume fonts gave me all the retroactive panic. (Using Times New Roman On Your Resume Is Like Wearing Sweatpants To An Interview, via PopSugar.)

Never before has a home decor item emblazoned with an expletive felt more appropriate.

 OK, now the world is right again. (People Are Losing Their Whole Minds After Learning You Can Swipe On The Calculator App, via BuzzFeed.)

 Backyard umbrellas are one of those items that are weirdly difficult to purchase, because zero of them are cute except for the unacceptably expensive versions. I found this at Target over the weekend, and less than a hundred dollars later, it is mine.

 So here is a shameful thing about me: I have been known to obsessively watch pimple-popping videos on YouTube. I am aware that this is horrifying and that you are horrified to know this about me, but my personal ick factor pales in comparison to that of the person who makes pimple cupcakes with squeezable heads. Oh. My. God.

the big fat activity book for pregnant people giveaway

 Just a reminder to enter the RG giveaway to celebrate the release of The Big Fat Activity Book For Pregnant People, if you haven’t already (and if you already bought the book, HOORAY, because that snags you FIVE extra entries). Prizes include $100 to Target, a Pottery Barn Kids gift certificate that’ll snag you the cutest bouncer ever, Babiators, Freshly Picked moccasins, and ohhhh so much more.

 Related: My editors at Penguin Random House are holding their own giveaway to celebrate the book’s release, and you should totally enter that one too. Prizes include baby lotions and baby bubble baths and an Apotheke candle and butt paste. Butt paste!

 Also related: Gugu Guru is doing another Mother’s Day giveaway, and it includes TBFAB, Skinnytees, Parasol Diapers, NappieSack…and a belly-casting kit. (If you win I’m going to have to see video documentation of how, exactly, a belly-casting kit works, please.) So many giveaways! ENTER ALL THE GIVEAWAYS.

 “Scholars have analyzed the data and confirmed what we already knew in our hearts. Social media is making us miserable.” Lies. It’s all lies. (Don’t Let Facebook Make You Miserable, via NY Times.)

Donald trump international women's day

 Just leaving this here as your weekly reminder.

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