Those Oft-Neglected Spots

Every once in awhile, it happens: my eyes land upon a spot in my house that for whatever reason I’ve never noticed before, and I am horrified.

Let me tell you a very disgusting story (sorry).

Over the past few months, Lucy has developed a habit of sleeping in my closet. And not just “in my closet”: in one of the storage boxes lined up along the floor of my closet, which hold things like out-of-season sweaters and accessories I rarely use and such. It never really bothered me, because she weighs six pounds and always seems very cute and peaceful when she’s all curled up on top of a pile of my clothing.

And then the other day I went to get one of my favorite belts out of Lucy’s box. I dug down past a sweater I never wear and a random silk caftan, and pulled out the belt…only to notice that it was covered with fur.

Lucy’s fur?

No no; fur-fur. Like, fur that has grown independently of a living creature.

Like MOLD.

There are not enough cringe emojis on this planet to accurately convey what happened to me when I found myself holding a be-furred belt with my bare hands. And oh yes: I definitely screamed (so would you, promise). I have no idea what Lucy did to that basket to create this situation – the specific culprit wasn’t immediately clear, thank god – but suffice it to say I no longer own this basket, or any of the things it used to hold.

So in my world, it appears that “the floor of my closet” is a place that tends to get overlooked, with occasionally tragic results (goodbye, silk caftan; I will miss you). But there are certain places that everyone tends to overlook, and that I’m pretty sure could use a little extra love in your own house.

the spots around the house we forget to clean

This spot may not be fun to clean…but oh it is necessary.

In no particular order, here are some oft-forgotten (and thus pretty gross) spots in the house, plus a Clorox product you can use to clean said spot if you’re so inclined.

the spots in the house that everyone forgets to clean

Starting today, I’ll be posting all of my adventures in spring cleaning and bunches of tips on a special “Springvent” calendar over on SeasonOfClean.com (and if you think the words “adventures” and “spring cleaning” don’t usually go together…well, you clearly need to hang around here more often). I’ve created tons of fun content for their Springvent calendar, which offers 30 days of spring cleaning tips and tricks to welcome the season of clean. I cannot promise that it’ll all be pretty, but I can certainly promise it’ll be productive. And fun! (You’ll see.)

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jordan reid of ramshackle glam jordan reid of ramshackle glam

This post was created in collaboration with Clorox. Photos by Sue Hudelson

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