In Case You Needed An Excuse To Go Shopping At Nordstrom

My t-shirt may say “Darlin’,” but it comes with a free gun show.

Nordstrom: phenomenal company, just phenomenal. Doing big things out there, big things, yuge things. It’s all very exciting, very exciting. Everyone’s very excited about it.

So let’s go shopping, shall we?

(100% of the proceeds of purchases made via the affiliate links in this post go straight to She Should Run, a political action committee that works to get more female candidates elected to public office.)


Guitar Bag Strap

Did you know that “guitar bag straps” are apparently a thing? They’re totally a thing, and give all sorts of “oh this old thing?” rocker-type cred to your regular old bag. And they save you money in the process, by letting you update your bag without actually buying a new one. (This particular strap is Fendi and costs $1,250, and thus confers neither “oh this old thing” rocker-type cred nor money-saving opportunities. Try this under-$50 brown studded leather one or this also-under-$50 black leather fringe one instead, K?)


Nine West D'Orsay Oxford

I’m moving more and more into a menswear kinda look these days, but I’ve been sort of “eh” on the idea of oxfords and loafers; they’re just a little clunky for me. These? So not clunky. So, so good. (Oh, and they’re under $100, with free shipping.)


Glassing "Shield" Sunglasses

It takes a lot for a pair of sunglasses to surprise me, because I’m sort of a sunglasses hoarder and spend a lot of time window-shopping. Basically: I know what’s out there, and I’ve never seen anything like these (or even heard of the company). But as out-there as they are, they’re also strangely wearable.


Becca "Color Code" Bikini

Going on vacation? Here you go: a simply perfect – and affordable – bikini that comes in a bunch of flattering, neutral colors.


Converse Shoreline Sneakers For The Whole Fam

I wear these exact sneakers so often that I have gone through three pairs. And I only just discovered that they make them for kids (and toddlers!), too, which means I’m about to be that mom who walks around matching both of her children. I’m sorry. I can’t help it.


Skagen "Ebba" Backpack

I have never been a backpack person; even during the monogrammed LL Bean backpack days, I was all uggggggh Mom do I have to carry this?! But this gorgeous Skagen epitomizes what I’m looking for in clothing and accessories these days: pieces that are simple, and well-made, and make the sweatpants that I am definitely also wearing look better.


Grunge Funnel-Neck Sweater Dress

I’m not usually a fan of sweater dresses. They always seem to make me look bulky. And they definitely make me hot.

This sweater dress just changed my mind. (Love that funnel-neck.)


Saturday Skin Brightening Mask

I’ve been using this mask – which consists of a treatment mask sandwiched between two peel-off sheets of mesh and is SO MUCH FUN to put on – all the time lately, because I feel like the results are immediate and visible. Right after removing the mask, my skin feels calmer, and fresher, and – yes – brighter. (I actually used it just last night, and according to my son/part-time aesthetician, the mask is just as much fun to take off as it is to put on. Perhaps even funner.)


Golden Goose "Superstar" Sneaker

I have been stalking Golden Goose Superstar sneakers at online consignment shops for MONTHS now, and I finally found a pair in my size. It was very exciting, and also took a loooong time because holy, are these things ever popular.

If there was ever a time to spend obscene amounts of money on a pair of sneakers, now would be the time, because charity. Have at them.


Nordstrom At Home "Cuddle Up" Pillow

This is a poufy white pillow in the shape of a heart. I’m not sure how, exactly, you could go wrong here. (Free shipping! Free shipping!)

  • Julie

    This post made me furious. Having followed you for a few years, I am officially going to stop. Your blog is the absolute last place I would come for political advice. You advocate protesting in the women’s march (why? who took away any women’s rights), yet you are cheering and supporting a company that for absolutely no reason other than a political agenda is terminating a strong, hard-working woman’s line. How hypocritical!

    • Maria

      OMG! Julie, YOU are the reason we are marching. How entitled are you? do you think that all your rights just fell from the sky? Don’t you know a little history to realize that the reason you have those privileges is because women in the past had to march and fight to get them? and that now all that can be taken away?
      How hypocritical are YOU? to support a rich woman’s clothing line, that doesn’t care about you one bit, and not support the women fighting to keep your and (maybe) your daughters future rights.
      You made me furious, because I see how deep the ignorance is out there.

    • Jessica

      Jordan has been making political posts for a while…. Remember when trump wrote on her friend’s forehead in sharpie? 😩

      Also, do a little digging on Ivanka’s made in China knock off business and they way she’s treated female employees.

  • So into this post. Even MORE a fan now. Also loving those Oxfords so hard.

  • Dorothy S

    So Gross. Why be so passive aggressive? It’s ok to hate on women when her father has political views that you don’t agree with. You’re no better than Trump. Stick to clouds and candy. You’ve lost one loyal reader.

    • Maria

      Why is people supporting Ivanka so much. Really… I need to know.

      • Dorothy S

        Why not? She’s a strong successful woman, a great mom and a good wife. She’s a role model. We as women need to stop bringing each other down and start lifting each other up.

        • ejc

          Do you know her personally? Is she your wife or mother? If not, you have no idea if she’s a good one.

          • Dorothy S

            I can’t believe you wasted two minutes of your time writing that childish response. Next time stick to “I know you are but what am I?” – it holds the same weight.

            But if it makes you feel better:

            “BY ALL ACCOUNTS – She’s a strong successful woman, a great mom and a good wife”

          • Maria

            Okay. Thank you, Dorothy, for your response.
            But, still don’t get it. She looks like a good person, her Instagrams are pretty and her kids are adorable, but, is that enough?
            Maybe I’m blaming her for the sins of her father, but she has to do a whole lot more than look pretty. She has to stand up for woman’s reproductive rights, she has to support inmigrants. Really, she has to make her father stop all the hate, the lies, the corruption.
            I guess then, I’ll see her like a strong successful woman.

          • jordanreid

            my problem, honestly, isn’t the fact that she doesn’t “stop” her father – it’s that she stood behind him in the first place. i understand feeling bound to support your family, but it’s one thing to not want to publicly denounce your parent – that, i get. ivanka stood next to him and gave his campaign a “pro-woman” leg to stand on (albeit a flimsy one), while simultaneously putting women’s rights – not to mention human rights – in serious danger. that makes her a hypocrite at best, and at worst a person so interested in furthering her own power and fortune that she allows countless others to pay the price.

        • Sophie Chau

          I’ll support people as individuals, whether they’re men or women. I want equal opportunity for men and women, and that means certain political commitments–not just being a great businesswoman or family woman. I’m not very anti-Ivanka but I think it’s totally fair to give her flack for her involvement in Trump’s admin given her conflicts of interest and the actions of the administration so far.

          • jordanreid

            absolutely. to me, a woman who supports the campaign of a man who brags about grabbing women by the pussy – regardless of familial ties – does not get handed a get-out-of-jail-free card because “by all accounts” she’s a good mom. i’m sure she’s a very nice lady.

            but she didn’t just fail to speak out against her father’s actions over the past two years; she stood next to him smiling and clapping, countless times. she gave interviews and made speeches about the benefits of a Trump administration for women. she has positioned herself as the de facto first lady.

            she’s “better than Trump”? a “normalizing influence”? i suppose it’s possible that she’s not the horror show of a human being that her father is, but let’s please not forget that she worked to make this happen in the first place. and i seriously doubt it was because she thought a trump administration would be a positive thing for women (or for anyone else save for those who inhabit the circles she travels in). if she did, she is blind; and ivanka does not strike me as someone who is blind. so, no. she does not get a pass on this. she is a tempting figure to hold onto as someone who can make this terrible situation that we’ve gotten ourselves into less terrifying, but she is just as culpable as anyone else who fought to get trump into office.

    • Jessie

      It could be because she’s part of her father’s administration and involved with his fascist regime. Also, Nordstrom pulled the line because it wasn’t doing well. You can’t have her simultaneously benefiting from her father’s position and then defend her from flak she gets for participating. Also, I don’t think there was anything passive-aggressive about this post. It was openly anti-Trump (both Donald and Ivanka), which Jordan shouldn’t be ashamed of.

  • Wouldn’t normally comment on this type Of post and pretty sure you will post what you want regardless of my opinion, but just wanted to register myself as a reader who appreciates you writing about political issues (even if I don’t agree and even if you don’t do it exactly how I would like you to). I also like mixing the personal with the political because that’s what life looks like for most of us. Carry on (heh).

    • jordanreid

      got it: will proceed with the carrying on (heeeeee).
      and thank you. there is no way for me to write about life without writing about this from time; it’s just too important to me on a personal level – and it also feels irresponsible to me as a human being not to say anything.

  • Me

    I’m super down with Nordstrom pulling this line, in part because it makes business sense (that’s supposed to be what Donald is good at, right? Not that we have the tax returns to prove it) and also because I refuse to support anything someone involved in his administration is trying to push. That said, body size and shape are feminist issues and the fact that that Rebecca Minkoff top is available in an XXS (which they helpfully translate for you is equal to a 000) and then goes only up to an L (which translates to 10-12) is pretty offensive. It sends a clear message: women who are small, even extremely small, are a size worth clothing. Women larger than a 12 should go to Sears.

  • Hope Varnedoe

    keep doing what you’re doing Jordan. by the way – to all the haters – the reason Nordstrom dropped Ivanka’s line was because it wasn’t selling. that’s business. that’s customer backlash because of her supporting her father’s administration filled with hate and ignorance.