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My present to you on this Tuesday morning: A link roundup with not one single post about politics. You’re welcome.

 Here are 100 photos so funny you might pee.

 Ummmm I did not know it was possible to want to hug a night-light, but hello.

 My Sub_Urban Riot Kale sweatshirt is one of my all-time favorite items of clothing (it rivals the glam | camp Adulting sweatshirt for Most Comfortable Item Of Clothing In The World; it’s soft but not too flimsy and perfectly slouchy but not too slouchy and etc etc). Now that I’ve spotted their Lettuce sweatshirt I may have found a new favorite form of rabbit food to promote on my torso.

 The average “fixer-upper” in San Francisco is now just under a million dollars. Totally reasonable. (via SFGate.)

 So into Saturday Skin’s brightening face mask at the moment (it makes you look extremely Hannibal Lecter-ish when you have it on, but the fact that your skin looks instantly more radiant afterwards more than compensates for the possibility of terrifying your children).

 Oh, please. OBVIOUSLY I CAN. (Can You Answer 16 Questions Every Dirty Dancing Fan Should Know?, via

 I wrote a piece about death. Good times! (The Things We Dread, via Medium.)

 This article written by a woman who discovered (post-divorce) that marriage simply isn’t for everyone is interesting, but you seriously have to see the video that accompanies it. Her husband videotaped her being served divorce papers. Via breakdancer. (Marriage Isn’t For Everyone, via Greatist.)

 Why would you get your teething baby a regular old amber necklace when you could get herraw baltic amber ombre teething necklace?

multicolored sherpa fleece blanket available on glam camp

The bad thing in this photograph: the tiny guitar that my daughter is staring at with remarkable intensity. It plays Elvis’ “Santa Bring My Baby (Back To Me)” on loop for several hours each day, and I love Elvis, but I do not love that much Elvis. The good thing in this photograph: that blanket, which has the softest sherpa fleece ever on the other side and stays soft and beautiful even after tons of washes. The best thing in this photograph: that blanket again, because you can get $10 off of it using code ELVIS through Friday.

 I did a terrible, horrible thing and bought this unconscionably expensive thing. In my defense, I bought it at Costco. Also in my defense, I bought it because not one, but two friends ordered me to. They said it would change my life and make me happy every single day. They were right.

This silk square scarf is so pretty (I personally love the ivory color) and so much less expensive than silk scarves tend to be.

 Erin sent me some of her favorite interior decor shots, and now I need to redecorate.

 If you have ever rested your boobs on your desk to take the weight off (um hiiiiii), you will LOVE this. (The Try Guys Wear Boob Weights For A Day, via FB.)

 Here is an asymmetrical ring by Jennie Kwon featuring a green sapphire and some diamonds.

 A group gave 105 homeless people disposable cameras for a day. These are the photos they took. (via Upworthy.)

 These classic rose hair clips for little girls are so Savannah-in-the-summer and I adore them. Even in the winter.

 Okay, so this isn’t exaaaaaactly apolitical, but come on. This man is everything the world needs right now. (Pope Francis Says Christians Should Apologize to Gay People, via CNN.)

 Mommy-shaming at its finest. Please note the ALL CAPS. (Daycare Shames Moms for Using Phones During Pick-Up, via Mommyish.)

 “No more eating and no more meerkat videos, okay?” All of this article is exactly correct. (911: I Work From Home, via The New Yorker.)

This video (via Good Housekeeping) sums it – by which I mean “all of it” – up nicely.

Top photo by Sue Hudelson

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