Test-Run: At Home Waxing

By “Test-Run: At-Home Waxing” do I mean at-home waxing of myself? Oh no no no no no. Not me. Partially because I’m not especially interested in hair removal (because kids and lazy and just don’t care), but mostly because I’m definitely not interested the application of potentially second-degree-burn-inducing substances to my person. I mean, I have in the past burned actual lines into my tongue with a fork, because I forgot that when you use a fork to stir bacon grease, it gets hot. Introducing microwaveable lava into my life sounds like a questionable idea, at best.

Except Kendrick said I could wax his back, and so clearly I was going to do that. (I was at the beauty supply store handing over my credit card approximately ten minutes after I got the go-ahead, and felt compelled to announce to all the cashiers that my husband was going to let me wax his back. They were super jealous, obviously.)

Just FYI: I have been bugging Kendrick to let me do this for ten years. Not because it’s an especially horrifying situation back there – although I have to say, the fact that guys get hair on their shoulders is oh god, so weird – but because that’s the kind of activity that I need in my life.

Look, some people think that things like hair and skin removal are gross. Others – ahem – think that there are few things in life more satisfying than confronting a truly spectacular pimple. If you are in the former category, you have already stopped reading, are presently judging me, and should definitely not watch this video. If you are in the latter, oh my god do you ever need to watch this video. And then get your hands on some  wax and a person (preferably a fuzzy man) who is willing to let you rip hair off of him, because everybody should get to experience joy such as this at least once in her lifetime.

P.S. Love you honey. You win at marriage today.

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