The Throw Pillow Problem (And Ten Spectacular Finds To Instantly Refresh Your Home)

Spring has sprung! (In my bedroom, anyway.)

The other day, Kendrick walked out of our garage and into our kitchen, all wide-eyed and horrified. In his hands were two (extremely cute, just saying) pillows, still all bundled up in plastic wrap.

“…Why?” he asked, holding them out at me like (electric orange, stunningly hand-stitched) sacrificial lambs.

Alright, so I have a little bit of a throw pillow problem. It’s just that they’re so gorgeous! And so much cheaper than furniture! And make whatever you put them on look completely different! (These particular pillows were actually a gift for Francesca. But Kendrick’s reaction was pretty reasonable, given that this was also the third pillow delivery of the week. In my defense, the ones I bought for the living room couch were only purchased to replace the pillows that Virgil has decided are his special bed-spots.)

You know who sells the absolute best throw pillows in the world? Lulu & Georgia. So in celebration of the arrival in my bedroom of the gorgeous colorblock pillows pictured above (pillows that I must constantly remind Kendrick are not, in fact, for laying on, but rather for gazing upon adoringly and then stacking gently on the dresser at bedtime), here are my top 10 Lulu & Georgia picks for your own home decor consideration.

Product pictured provided c/o. No affiliate links are used in this post. 


One-Of-A-Kind Pillow

No two of these pillows – handmade from textiles sourced from markets all around the world – are the same, making every single one an absolute treasure. I love the idea of a two or three of these tossed onto an otherwise all-white bed or couch.


Oskar Pendant

I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating over and over: the single most transformative thing you can do to a room is add great lighting. Alas, great lighting is often pretty pricey…which means that this copper, midcentury-style pendant is a STEAL at $138. (Try it over a breakfast nook or informal dining area.)


Set Of Raffia Pots

Oh hello, pots. You are adorable. You are all half-boho, half-geometric/modern, and I would like to put you on my fireplace mantle right now please.


Moorea Sheepskin Stool

If you’ve ever harbored fantasies of being one of the characters in Valley Of The Dolls (minus the drug addiction, soft-core porn stints, and sanitarium stays), you should probably own this stool, and sit on it while powdering your face before heading out to the Copa. Or something. (Related: A sheepskin bench with gold legs exists. I couldn’t post a photo here, though, because if I did your computer screen would explode from all the fabulousness.)


Lumine Velvet Sofa

This velvet (!) sofa comes in three gorgeous shades…but I’ll take mine in emerald green, thanks.


El Mia Pouf

If your style is minimalist, this pouf adds color and texture and amazingness. If your style is eclectic, this pouf is an obvious necessity. I mean, it’s a pouf! With tassels! Does not get better.


Hastings Mirror

This mirror toes the line between classic and retro, and is a dramatic addition to virtually any space (but I especially love it in an entryway or as the focal point at the end of a hallway).


Aviva Velvet Chair in Rose

I have nothing to say about this chair other than that it is perfect.


Azurine Pendant

I’ve never seen a pendant quite like this: made of agate pieces set in gold, it adds massive glamour points to a dining room, bathroom or bedroom – especially if the room is otherwise simple or rustic.


Temera Moroccan Shag Rug

Be prepared to see this rug (from L&G’s latest collection) allllll over Instagram in the coming months. Regardless of whether or not that’s a plus for you, you have to admit: the thing is gorgeous.

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