A Few Trends That I Might Actually Try (Maybe)


I am not typically a “trend person.” I have, for example, very little desire to layer fishnet stockings under my jeans (or wear jeans at all, if we’re being honest about where I am at the moment).

This is not because I am disinterested in trends (fashion or otherwise); it’s because I’m lazy. And because the only people who see me most days are the FedEx guy and my kids. Not 100% sure about the FedEx guy, but I do know that neither of the latter two appreciate a pop of color unless the pop in question happens to be from the nice man in the musical truck who makes mom mad because he will not stop showing up before dinner.

Over the weekend I had some downtime in front of a fire and a couple of movies (after Saturday night’s debacle we decided to spend Sunday giving up completely: we ordered in food, and let the kids watch as many consecutive hours of TV as they could stomach, which turned out to be about fifteen), and so I ended up doing something I rarely do, which is troll around on fashion sites. (I tend not to do this, incidentally, because technically RG is a fashion site – or at least includes outfit posts – and when I see the sparklingly lit, perfectly composed photographs that my colleagues put up I get all I NEED TO DO THAT TOOOOOO. And I can’t, because 1) kids, 2) lazy, 3) life. And then I feel bad, and have to go re-read this post, and it’s all way too time-consuming and I might as well just stick to Perez Hilton.)

Anyway, do you know what I discovered?!?!?! Some of the trends that everybody everybody on Instagram has been into these past couple of months are TOTALLY MY JAM (and if you pop down to the post right below this one you’ll see a ton of shoppable examples of each of these at a range of prices).



Flared-Sleeve Sweater

My friend Katie told me not that long ago that I need to step away from the gray sweaters. I don’t care how many identically-hued items may be sitting in my wardrobe at this very moment; this one is too perfect to pass up. (And hey-o, it’s on sale for less than thirty bucks.)


Adorable Slide-On Loafers

These shoes – which have been everywhere lately – are unconscionably expensive. But they are SO adorable, and lend polish to even the most casual outfit, and now sit at the #1 spot on my Lust List. Oh, and did I mention they come in a studded, fur-lined version? Yes they do.

P.S. If you like the look but hate the price, these are gorgeous and on sale for less than $50.


Hooded White Parka

Both winters since we moved here, I’ve been unhappily surprised by the fact that it is legitimately freezing in the winter. Okay, maybe only for like a week. BUT STILL. (The Canada Goose parka linked to is my fave, and if the fates should ever take us back to the East Coast I’m totally splurging on one.)


Gucci Logo T-Shirt

Stop; I can hear you yelling at me all the way over here. I don’t think you should buy a $600 Gucci logo t-shirt. I just think you should…you know…consider it inspiration. Because the last I remember logo tees weren’t just gauche, they were obnoxious. And now… somehow…they seem chic. (I don’t get it either. Blame Instagram, I guess.) And there are plenty of non-Gucci versions, like this Opening Ceremony one. Or this Balmain one, which is pricey but on sale. Cute!


Platform Sneakers

I enjoy feeling tall. I do not, however, enjoy feeling miserable, and heels make me miserable. Solution: platform sneakers. I’ve been resisting them for years as a thing I’m too old for, but this Alexander McQueen style singlehandedly changed my mind.


Oversized Knit Turtleneck

Any sweater that hides my hands is a sweater I want to own. This Elizabeth & James style is massive, and I adore it. If turtlenecks make you panic (I totally get it), the brand also makes a super-cool oversized crew-neck, too.



Just kidding. I really wanted to show them to you, though.