Eleventh Hour (Addendum Number Two)

Hi, most terrifying Christmas photo ever #badsanta

Kendrick and I are really going to have to have a chat about how this whole “putting together a gift guide for publication on the Internet” thing works. Below are his (very) last-minute (and presumably final) gift picks, both of which you can still order in time for Christmas. Check out his *actual* gift guide here, and his first addendum here

Just to add to the below, if you need a last-minute gift for a 2-6 year old, get them this; for a 4-8 year old, this; for a woman or a man or a human: this. – Jordan 

OK, so I’m an idiot. I forgot literally the best toy I’ve had in a long time, possibly since I was seven and my parents gave me a light saber.

I’ve owned a bunch of droids over the years, and BB-8 is the cutest, most fun one I’ve ever come across (the other ones always had problems with bad motivators). I show him to people with the same bubbling-over excitement I typically reserve for…well, for things like droids. But I guarantee most men (and probably many women) would feel similarly about this guy. My son actually cannot get enough of him: he plays with him for hours at a time and thinks he’s hysterical. And now there is a wristband that you can use to control him using the actual, for-real FORCE.

I also have to suggest that you get someone you love who loses stuff all the time a Tile 4-pack. I used to have to budget a minimum of 40 minutes every morning for storming around the house and snapping at Jordan about having moved them*, and the Tile literally changed my life: I am now capable of finding my keys, phone, and dog. All at the same time. (Lucy actually does wear a Tile around her neck, because she has a habit of crawling into the furthest reaches of closets, not responding to our increasingly frantic calls because she’s stubborn or perhaps deaf, and giving us family-wide heart attacks.)

Love and Christmas,


*Excuse me I do not move his things; he moves his things and then forgets that he moved them, like every other man on the planet. But the Tile has indeed made him nicer in the mornings. Now we just need them to invent Tiles for sock pairs. – Jordan

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