A Trip Down Memory Lane: Some (More) Ill-Advised Posts From The Good Old Days

Hey…what’s that back there? Oh right: IT’S MY PAST, HAUNTING ME FOREVER.

Ummmmmmm so I’m putting together a Thanksgiving Recipe Rundown post (coming up) and just went down a major old-video wormhole searching for my ancient Sugared Cranberries video. That video appears to no longer exist (which is probably a good thing, because helloooooo awkward), but you know what does? Everything else I thought would be a good idea to post to the Internet in 2009/10.

I posted a bunch of these videos a few months ago because how could I not…and now I found MORE.

Oh god, there are SO MANY.

So I clearly need to do a follow-up post on this topic, because Mondays are the worst and the world is the worst right now too, and also I have an enormous Trumple (a pimple that’s Donald Trump’s fault) and am in a generally terrible mood. And sometimes when you’re in a generally terrible mood what you need are montages set to the Pussycat Dolls and videos of adorable animals beating each other up.

In this video, we find a very large chair and decide to take 20,000 photographs in it, and then set the whole thing to Pussycat Dolls before being confused by a Segway parade (Segways had not yet been Justin Beiber-ed into popular culture at this point).

This person is clearly destined for a career in live news coverage.

Remember “Domestic Bliss”? …Anyone?

Seven years later, my sense of direction remains catastrophic. Rarely, however, has it had results this epic.

Everyone’s got a talent.

Throwing this up here because it is the cutest video EVER, and also because it is the origin of the term “hand-hook,” which remains – to this day – what Kendrick and I say to each other when we can’t remember the word for something. “It’s her hook! Her…you know, her hook. Her hand-hook.” “Her claw?” “Right. Her hand-hook.”

And finally: this, because there are few things as great as a truly great pout.

  • allison

    I love these trips down memory lane!

  • Rain Mikajlo

    ive made your sugared cranberries and oreo truffles every christmas 🙂

    • jordanreid

      really?!?! i haven’t made those truffles in ages; think it’s time to reintroduce them.

  • LOL, this was a fun walk Down memory lane Jordan! Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving.

    • jordanreid

      you too!!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Val

    A Trumple! Hahahahaha! I just died. Perfect. I’m blaming everything on him this week. I mean, he killed Sharon Jones, so it’s perfectly reasonable to blame my phone malfunction, or a zit, on him, yes?

    • jordanreid

      oh yes. adding to my personal list: my insomnia, the three meetings i’ve been catastrophically late to this week, and the fact that i can’t fucking find my favorite fucking leggings.

      • Val

        And my dog barfed on the carpet. THANKS, TRUMP.