The Big Fat Activity Book For Pregnant People – Now Available For Preorder!

Us being excited. (Or, OK, me being annoying and Erin being tolerant.)

I have been excited about other projects I have worked on. This is the most excited I have EVER BEEN. And lest you think this is an exaggeration, let me just say:


Our new book, The Big Fat Activity Book For Pregnant People (half-activity book, half-completely unconventional pregnancy journal) is now available for preorder…and I’m going to go ahead and throw it out there: absolutely every pregnant person everywhere needs to own this thing. Or at least the ones who are cool with abundant cursing, think it’d be fun to color in a kitten while constipated, are interested in doing word searches of terrible baby names, and would be open to filling out journal entries on body parts that are presently making them insane. (Which, okay, may not be everyone. But come on: terrible baby names are the funniest thing ever. Author! Chestina! MAYO.)

Preorder it here, if you are a pregnant or soon-to-be-pregnant person, know a pregnant or soon-to-be-pregnant person, or just think pictures of sperm are funnier than pictures of baby lambs.

The Big Fat Activity Book For Pregnant People

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