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I spent a few days last week visiting my in-laws in Ohio so they could spend some time with the kids, and do you know what I got to do while I was there? See a movie. By myself. And then take a casual stroll around Old Navy. BY MYSELF. (I picked up the floral henley pictured on my daughter above and a collared shirt that my son might actually deign to wear.)

 One more thing I found on that Old Navy trip (and the only reason I haven’t mentioned this perfection yet is that it deserves its own post, but I have been extremely unphotogenic for the past four days so…eh, let’s just do it): this absolutely must-have long-sleeved top. It is entirely unexciting, but is also now the only thing in my closet that I want to wear. It is 100% cotton, and soft, and the perfect shape, and cozy, and goes with everything, and you need to own it. Especially since it’s like ten bucks. (Really.)

 I resisted meditation for years, and only recently discovered that not only is it “helpful”…it’s invaluable. If you’re still hovering in nonbelieverland, give this article a try. (How Meditation Changes the Brain and Body, via NY Times.)

 Perhaps I shall buy my son this street vendor cart and teach him to vend me some coffee while I lay in bed. (God it’s so cute.)

 I was sent a sample of black toothpaste (really) and thought it was a joke at first, but it’s actually super cool: it’s made of activated charcoal for extra brightening and is peroxide and triclosan-free (whatever that means), and is…I mean, it’s black toothpaste. And it’s Halloween. This seems like an excellent pairing.

 The only thing I don’t like about this pillow is the fact that it’s not a rug.

 Jared Kushner – a good friend of mine from college whose present-day actions I’m frankly horrified by – may not be delusional, but he is absolutely culpable in this mess. (Donald Trump’s Son-In-Law Is Reportedly In Talks to Create a A Post-Election Trump TV Network, via Vanity Fair.)

 Stunning visuals of mental disorders. #Endthestigma. (I Illustrated Mental Illness and Disorders for Inktober, via Bored Panda.)

 Eeee the new book is starting to pop up in the wild! (Also the rest of these Bed Rest Musts from Pregnant Chicken are phenomenal and now I want a lap desk too.)

 This company has 100% mother retention, and I think the reason why comes down to this sentence: “The solution was not to fix a problem, but to respond to what humans need, including  place to nurse newborns, and later, to provide safe and stimulating child care.” (This Is What Work-Life Balance Looks Like, via QZ.)

 Related: the average childcare situation in America is just unforgivable. We know this. But this article about the specifics is pretty illuminating. (This Is What Maternity Leave in the U.S. Really Looks Like, via Scary Mommy.)

liberti jewelry brand to support refugees

 Every purchase from the jewelry line Liberti directly supports the <1% of refugees who have escaped camps abroad. My personal favorite piece: these simple, elegant stud earrings.

 I am so annoyed that I have actually lusted over this for a good five years. Mostly because it means I am a creature of habit for the ages.

 Always wanted to sleep inside a hippo? Now you can. (Or at least your kid can. But come onnnn, you know you want one too.)

 I don’t know if I’ve ever been all swoony about a shower curtain before, but this one – first spotted in Audrey Scheck’s insanely beautiful home – broke me.

 “Make your mess your message.” Well said. (From Kristen Booker’s post announcing the relaunch of Fashion.Style.Beauty.)

 DYING over this video of Melania Trump’s “live appearance” on Stephen Colbert.

 These ’70s-style chairs are affordable and amazing.

 Oh. So THAT explains why the volume level in Abercrombie & Fitch makes me want to unscrew my head and send it home for a nap. (Social Menopause: Have You Gone Through ‘The Change’ Yet?, via ManRepeller.)

 Jennifer Wright, author of It Ended Badly: Thirteen of the Worst Breakups in History (which is great, btw) wrote a hell of a piece on Trump and her own experiences of sexual assault. Going to have to call it a must-read. (STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR MEN LIKE TRUMP, via Medium.)

my goldfish died

 Orange Juice the Goldfish lived a fruitful, if not especially long life. (3 whole days, to which I say “coulda been worse.”) We are now the proud owners of Blueberry the Beta, whose adventures in bowl-traveling you will likely be subjected to if you follow me on Snapchat. Sorry.

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