That Time I Got A Tattoo At A Bar

…Well, okay, I didn’t get a tattoo in a bar-bar. More like an room that had been transformed into 1/4 bar, 1/4 vintage boutique, 1/4 epic fashion display, and 1/4 tattoo parlor.

I’m going to back up for a sec.

I started the night at an event at Au Fudge (Jessica Biel’s kid-friendly restaurant in Los Angeles) celebrating CNN anchor Adrianna Costa’s Haute Mom’s Life podcast, where she has candid conversations with celeb moms like Kate Hudson, Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba, and Gwen Stefani, among others. My lovely (very new mom) friend Audrey came with me, and we drank delicious things out of mismatched crystal goblets and chatted about the disaster that is newborns. We cracked up talking to Kristin Cruz of MomAngeles (such a fun site, btw, with tons of great ideas about family-friendly local events), wondered whether that was Soleil Moon Frye over there (still not sure), and furrowed our brows wondering how, exactly, Adrianna can be two weeks away from giving birth to her second child and still capable of peppily hosting a glamorous party in a skintight hot pink dress.

You know, the big questions.

jordan reid and audrey scheck

Audrey – on the left – has a 4-week-old. (I KNOW.)

adrianna costa's haute mom's life podcast event

Newly obsessed with the ARC InstaTemp and that Coobie bra I’ve been hearing about for years (it is – and I hate to admit this, because I’ve spent years rolling my eyes at the “most comfortable bra in the world” claim – …yes…actually the most comfortable bra in the world. Ugh).

adrianna costa's haute mom's life podcast event

On the left is Adrianna in her spectacular hot pink dress. 

adrianna costa's haute mom's life podcast event


adrianna costa's haute mom's life podcast event

Check out this meta moment of me taking a photo of photos while a photographer takes a photo of himself taking a photo of me taking a photo of photos. 

I was kind of skeptical about Au Fudge; it’s a mashup between a bar, a restaurant, a boutique, and a “creative” space for kids, and I’d read reviews saying it was too fancy and too expensive and just a ridiculously LA type of place (bring your toddlers! pay thirty dollars for spaghetti and meatballs!). …But honestly? Sure, it’s indulgent and a little over-the-top, but it’s also fun. Trust me, I’ve been to plenty of places that let your kids play while you eat or work or whatever, and this actually felt like…I don’t know, like a place I’d actually choose to go to rather than a place I have to go to because there is a chance that said place will allow me and another adult person to speak in full sentences.

After running back home to bring Constantine the rental car keys that I’d accidentally stolen, thereby stranding him at Francesca’s apartment all afternoon (long story that can be summed up with a <facepalm>), he and I made our way to downtown LA for an event that Francesca’s company, MODRN PR, was throwing to celebrate designer Timothy Godbold’s new book, Military Style Invades Fashion.

Putting aside for a moment the fact that Timothy Godbold is obviously the best name in the world (and ohhhh do you have to see his interior design work), I need to tell you that my girl throws a hell of an event. Aside from the chicness and the fabulousness and et cetera, there’s the fact that two weeks ago, when I found out I’d be in LA for a couple of days, Francesca responded by saying this:

“Oh yay! I’m throwing an event. You have to come. We’ll get tattoos!”


francesca vannucci at timothy godbold's event in los angeles

Francesca went first.

Apparently she had hired a celebrity tattoo artist to offer guests free tattoos on a first-come, first-served basis. And there was this – very small, very simple – tattoo I’d been meaning to get for awhile, so…?


balsamic moon tattoo of a dark moon or an old moon

Ta daaaa

It’s a balsamic moon (also known as the “dark moon” or the “old moon”), and my reason for getting it is threefold:

  1. My daughter’s middle name is Luna, because she was born during the Supermoon;
  2. Francesca has a tiny star in the same spot on her back, and #besties; 
  3. The balsamic moon symbolizes the dark, contemplative phase of the lunar cycle; it’s a time of healing, rest, and figuring out the lessons that we’ve learned from our past with an eye towards making positive changes in the future. 

Without getting too heavy, this is exactly how I’m feeling right now, so this tattoo felt like a perfect way to mark this moment in my life.

You know, the one I got in a bar, in front of a hundred or so people.

Ehhhhhh, details.

More shots from the festivities, below

constantine maroulis and francesca vannucci at timothy goldbold's launch party timothy goldbold interior designer event in los angeles timothy goldbold interior designer event in los angeles brie carbaccia, jordan reid and francesca vannucci in los angeles

  More info

Adrianna Costa’s Haute Mom’s Life Podcast

Timothy Godbold on Instagram


  • m

    Oh I loved this post! It reminded me of your old posts from 2010. Good times!

  • Kelly Kreth

    Where did you get your dress? Is it leather?

  • it’s a mashup between a bar, a restaurant, a boutique, and a “creative” space for kids,
    LOL this is a lot of stuff

  • Rain Mikajlo

    love what the moon represents. kindaa want to steal the idea.

    also how is it that you and your friends all look like models?!

    • jordanreid

      honestly, i think it’s a good pick for you – i feel like something about this symbolizes…i don’t know, maybe it’s the shared experience of growing into your thirties/dealing with the realities of marriage and children/seeing things from a greater distance.
      (and lol, thank you – it’s selective photography. francesca just emailed me one of the two of us that made me literally guffaw, because she looked like a supermodel and i was standing in the shadows behind her looking like the chick in the ring. and it’s only because we’re such good friends that she knew i would think this photograph was hysterical.)

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