48 Hours In LA

Kendrick’s Shirt | 7FAM Cutoffs | Drybar Blowout (woooo)

I’m in LA, woo! I’m off to a full day of shooting pickups for the show I’ve been working on (pickups are basically little inserts that you shoot after an episode is done to tie together the storyline, fill in any elements that were missed during the first go-round, etc), and I completely did not write a post for today because I expected yesterday to be not especially busy and then it was super busy and then I decided to hang out with my friends and do tarot readings instead of be responsible.

And now I have three minutes to do my makeup and put on clothing and get in an Uber, so oops. Come hang out with me on Instagram Stories or Snapchat; I’m all about the videos this trip.

P.S. I have decided I want to be the kind of woman who gets blowouts twice a week and goes to sleep with her hair in curlers and wrapped up in a lovely silk scarf. Basically, I have decided that from now on, I would like to be an Italian grandmother.


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