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These past few days there’s been a chill in the air during the walk to school, and so I’ve actually been wearing…wait for it…pants. (I KNOW. I also know that it’s debatable whether jeans count as pants, but in my world they’re basically a tuxedo.) The ones I’m wearing above are no longer available online, but I found a bunch of really great bellbottoms, below.

I tried this sweatshirt on in a little shop in Carmel last weekend, and it is lightweight and cozy and soft and makes me laugh even though I don’t quite get it. It’s honestly the best sweatshirt ever (well, okay, maybe second-best, after this one), and I seriously wish I had just bought the thing (although…I guess I still can, because of this thing called the Internet).

Should be super exciting next time this mother goes out to get the mail and sees the neighbors who reported her for Absenteeism In The Pursuit Of Egg Foo Young. (Mother Arrested for Leaving 8- and 9-Year-Old Home Alone While She Picked Up Takeout, via Mommyish.)

You know how I’m obsessed with TheRealReal (the high-end designer consignment website)? You can 20% off of any item using code SUMMER through August 30. Yup yup yup. (My picks: this gorgeous Celine bag and this super-cool black leather Chloe shoulder bag.)

Speaking of sales: Barney’s Warehouse is having a back-to-school sale with up to 40% off and complimentary shipping through August 26, and it includes these ridiculously great espadrilles.

You know how you’re constantly seeing jokes about women (and especially mothers) “needing wine” on the Internet? Maybe you love this trope and think it’s hysterical; maybe it bothers you for reasons you can’t quite put your finger on. Either way, this article is a great read. Choice quote: “We can’t afford to act like it’s okay that “Girls can do anything!” got translated somewhere along the line into ‘Women must do everything.’ We can’t afford to live lives we have to fool our own central nervous systems into tolerating.” (Giving Up Alcohol Opened My Eyes To The Infuriating Truth About Why Women Drink, via QZ.)

funny the difference between living in new york city and san francisco

Moooostly true (at least from what I can tell from my view way down here in the South Bay). Lololol. (The Difference Between Living In New York and Living In San Francisco, via The Cooper Review.)

Want to see what your life would look like if you could afford one of the $95,000,000 (that is the correct number of zeros) apartments at the top of the tallest residential structure in the Western Hemisphere? Here you go. (Don’t be depressed; I’ve heard that 95-million-dollar houses give people crabs.) (What It’s Like To Live In A $95-Million Penthouse 1,396 Feet Above New York City, via Bored Panda.)

 This jacket is like Duck Dynasty meets Dolly Parton…and with all due respect to Dolly, MAN is it ugly.

This is one of the most beautiful stories I’ve ever come across. It’s a hard read, but I bet it’s one that’ll stay with you for a long, long time. (I Arrived At My Friend’s Party, and A Few Hours Later She Died, Exactly As Planned, via Vox.)

This modern family compound in Maine gives me big-time FOMO. (Did I just use “FOMO” correctly? I’ve never used it before.) (I feel like a dorky grandma.) (An Island In Maine, Four Sisters, Four Houses, via NY Times.)

“This kid has a horse and it is an awesome horse and the boy and his horse are going to save their entire world! LIFE IS GOOD! Right, so. Spoiler alert: THEN THEY KILL THE FUCKING HORSE.” I love The Neverending Story, like everyone else in my generation…but the horse dies. Of sadness. HE DIES OF SADNESS. (How A Boy, A Horse and A Swamp Basically Screwed Up An Entire Generation, via Sub-Cultured.)

Related: It’s not just because of the horse (but oh god, Artax NOOOO). (8 Reasons Why The Neverending Story Is A Psychological Horror Show, via Dorkly.)

pink cake pops with rainbow sprinkles

Is there anything more photogenic than a cake pop? (These were made from the remnants of this insane cake and served at our Mermaid Party.)

Oh dear. This boot may have just created a problem for me, because I think I like it even better than the boot that I swore I liked more than any other.

I just completely randomly signed up for Blue Apron (you know, the meal delivery service that you’ve seen advertised in your Facebook feed over and over and overrrrr for four or five years now). It actually seems like it might save some money, while making our dinners more varied, because we have little kids and so will maybe have leftovers, and won’t have to buy large quantities of obscure ingredients to make a dish. Am I crazy to think this? (That’s a serious question. If you’ve used Blue Apron, would love to hear about your experience.)

A little confused about how, exactly, one might put this on…but it’s worth a shot, because #cute. (Take 15% off with code FASHFUND at checkout.)

Oooh, Obama, you sneak! (Mass Lesbian Farm Infiltration Is Obama’s Best Scheme Yet, via NY Mag.)

Jordan Reid Ramshackle Glam Snapchat

I’m not sure I have ever loved a social media platform more than I love Snapchat (I’m @ramshackleglam). Mostly because it allows me to be completely weird and completely myself and completely un-“curated” (uggggggh curation uggggggh) and feel like that’s maybe okay.

According to this article, I had the baby-unfriendliest birth ever (elements included pacifiers as often as possible because hushhhh small person you are so louuuuuud and sending my newborns to the nursery on the first night so that I could rest for a hot minute before I never rested again, ever, for the rest of my life). I have no idea whether this article is scientifically sound, but all I could picture when I read the words “baby-friendly hospitals” was thousands of judgy eyeballs turning on me and judging. Would it be cool if we all agreed to stop judging and let mothers mother in the way that works for them? Yes? Maybe? Pleeeeeease? (Baby-Friendly Hospitals Can, Paradoxically, Be Unsafe for Newborns, via Slate.)

Ugh, I wish I wasn’t too old to wear this. (I seriously am, though, and I am not a person who often subscribes to the idea of anyone being “too old” for anything. Have to draw the line somewhere, though. Sigh.)

My mom made me throw out my collection, damn it. (SEE, Mom?!) (If You Have Any Of These 11 Beanie Babies, You Can Retire Now, via XOBenzo.)

  • Morgan

    I like Blue Apron but not their menu choices. I recommend Home Chef. Same concept, more food choices, no limit to what you can select.

    • jordanreid

      cool, thank you! i already signed up for that first month with blue apron but i’m going to go check out home chef and see if i want to switch afterwards.

  • I found Blue Apron kind of stifling. Maybe for one or two days a week it’s great (and yes for the leftovers), but if you really enjoy the meal-planning and recipe-pinning and grocery-store-inspo, Blue Apron kind of robs you of that because they do it all except the actual cooking. That said, I did like that it *saved* me from going to the grocery store with my kids…but I’ve had great experiences with Instacart and Good Eggs to that end — and with Good Eggs you can shop their recipes.

  • Kaela Bergquist

    I had blue apron for awhile, but after not receiving one box entirely and receiving one days late with bad food, I stopped. I didn’t find that I could rely on a box showing up!

    • jordanreid

      that would be so annoying! ugh.

  • jessica

    I LOVE Blue Apron. I love to cook and before I had a kid I scoffed at it because it seemed like cheating. Now, it’s the best thing ever because I get to do the fun parts (chopping, cooking, and eating semi-fancy things) without the thinky parts (planning, shopping, measuring). To be honest though my son never eats any of it, ever, but that’s probably because he’s 2 and kind of a jerk.

    • jordanreid

      this is what i’m hoping for – i’m finding myself defaulting to the same meals over and over because i always grocery shop with both my kids, and leisurely browsing in search of interesting ingredients just isn’t really an option at the moment. i tend to go in, grab exactly what i always grab, and get out as fast as possible – but i’m getting a little bored 🙂

  • Molly

    I’ve tried Blue Apron a few times but I just cannot accept how much packaging they use, it is so excessive and wasteful. Their recipes are good but nothing that can’t be found easily online.

  • elissa

    Do not get me started on this baby-friendly hospital BS. I believe I YELLED at my OB when she dropped that science in me while I was pregnant with my second: “WHAT ABOUT MOTHER FRIENDLY?” Let’s put more pressure on moms! GREAT IDEA.