The Master Suite That Doesn’t Exist

Me in my bedroom, about to embark on this project

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In our neighborhood, all the houses are from the ’60s, and most are one of two floorpans: either a two-story with an arched front porch, or a one-story with a brick front. Ours is the latter – you can see what the exterior looks like in this Design Sponge article about our xeriscaping makeover – and obviously the smaller of the two. While our home feels bigger than it actually is thanks to the amount of time we spend in the backyard…it’s small. And as the kids get bigger, it’s going to feel smaller.

So today’s fantasy (which is obviously not happening unless lotteries are won or mystery billionaire relatives are discovered) is building a second floor with a master suite. Please note that I did not say “bedroom”; I said suite, to imply massiveness and fanciness. Please also note again that this is not happening; this project exists only in my mind.

But I’ll tell you about it anyway. This suite of mine is all white, with massive windows. It is full of hanging plants. Rugs are present, as is a clawfoot tub. Tassels are involved somehow. What’s that? This bedroom already exists on Pinterest? Like six billion times over?!

Shut the front door.

Bright bedroom with white rug and leaning mirror

This rug, if placed in my house, would remain intact for exactly five seconds. It’s pretty to look at, though. (And that bedspread!)

bright white coastal style bedroom with big windows

I would like all the windows in the world please.

gorgeous room with bed on floor and pom pom blanket

Look! That person’s bed is on the floor too! (Ugh this is so pretty. Pom poms!)

romantic white canopy bed with draped linen

Isn’t this the hanging canopy the loveliest idea? (It’s also the most impractical, because when I look at this photo I instantly envision tiny yanking paws and tiny yanking hands, and the whole thing coming down on top of me, but let’s not concern ourselves with details.)

minimalist bedroom with low bed and plant

My favorite thing about this last room is the fact that it’s actually doable. Like, so doable I could probably do it right now, in our existing bedroom (which is in need of a little makeover; I only tend to show the barn-door corner and this corner for a reason – the rest contains three not-especially-attractive, mismatched dressers).


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