A Trip Down Memory Lane: Some Ill-Advised Posts From The Good Old Days

(I still post embarrassing photos, but these days they’re much better-lit.)

OK, so everybody has embarrassing moments in their past, right? What’s fun about having been a blogger for nearly a decade now (! I can’t even) is that all of my embarrassing moments are right here on this very website, where I can see them over and over and over again. And so can everyone else.

I’ve destroyed cakes. Burned stripes into my tongue by accidentally licking hot forks. Made red wine with Jell-O, and dragged enormous pieces of furniture off the street and into my apartment. And those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Oh wait: and I “designed” my own (off-the-shoulder, of course) t-shirt, based on…my own tattoo. (Proceeds benefit the ASPCA!)

(Oh my godddd the verlegenheit.)

Fortunately, many of my oldest archives are such a disaster that you’d never really go sifting through them – when I left NonSociety to start Ramshackle Glam in 2010, most of the photos from my 2009 content (which I have to say, is RICH in the embarrassment department) just…disappeared.

The videos, though?

Oh, they survived. My Vimeo page (which I abandoned for YouTube around 2012) is a virtual treasure trove of What Not To Let People Videotape You Doing.

Like this. 

And this.

…Whyyy did I do this? And an equally important question: Should I start doing videos like this AGAIN?!

This moment clearly needed to be seen by the Internet.

EW. (But AWWWWW they loved them SO MUCH! I should make them some. And then have them eat them outdoors.)

And finally, this video – in which I dance around on my rooftop in absolutely enormous platform boots that I have no idea how I walked in, let alone did dramatic poses in – toes the line between mortifying and the awesomest video I have ever made, because I am clogging. On a rooftop. In pigtails. Why? I think my answer was probably “Why not?”…and as answers go, that’s not a terrible one.

P.S. If you’re a long-time reader and can think of a post from the old days that you remember finding particularly cringeworthy, I’d love to hear it. (I know Erin, for example, harbors a specific “fondness” for how often I used to post photos of food in hollowed-out, inedible food-bowls.)

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