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I think it’s pretty obvious that right now my life involves a lot of traveling. Like, way more than I’ve ever done before – right now I’m in NYC with Goldie for a few days, and in two weeks I’m headed back to St. Louis, and in between there is a trip to Los Angeles to host an event…and of course it’s all (mostly) fun and exciting, but it’s also a lot. Traveling, for me, is equal parts enjoyable and stressful, but not having everything I need with me when I have to get on the computer mid-air or charge a phone during a layover or look like a human being for an early-morning call time makes it lean far more towards the latter.

So? I’ve decided to become a Packing Ninja. You know George Clooney’s character in Up In The Air? I am slowly transforming into him, minus the sexy silver locks. You should see me go through security; I’m all BAM there’s my laptop BAM here’s my shoes BAM nope, not wearing ANY METAL AT ALL.

Another thing I’ve found that makes travel way less stressful: investing in impeccably designed bags that make you feel all organized and easy-breezy and not oh-my-god-I’m-lugging-a-bowling-ball-down-a-ten-mile-long-airport-hallway. What I take with my when I fly these days: three miracle pieces that hold virtually everything I need – from my DSLR to my laptop to an extra pair of sunglasses – and also double up as accessories when I get where I’m going, because they’re so cute that I don’t need to bring anything else with me.

I first wrote about Lo & Sons over a year ago, and I’ve continued to be a huge fan of their products ever since – there’s just no one who creates bags that are simultaneously high-performing and stylish quite like them. On my last trip to NYC, I carried their laptop tote, camera bag, and crossbody (which got tucked into the laptop tote when I boarded so I could abide by the two-carry-ons rule), and got a bunch of questions from readers about whether they’re as great for travel (and just great, generally) as they look like they are, so I thought I’d do a quick rundown of each.

lo and sons seville computer tote for travel

The Seville Laptop Tote

This bag, which includes a built-in padded laptop sleeve, is lovely and slim-looking, but somehow holds…everything. Like, a completely bizarre amount of stuff (this is the Lo & Sons M.O., but I’m still always shocked at how much I can get into these things). My knitting, my laptop, my headphones, my twenty thousand gossip magazines…everything.

Another plus: for some reason (optimized weight distribution…? I have no idea) the straps don’t dig into your shoulder, even when you carry them through JFK airport (and JFK airport specializes in making your shoulder hurt).

The Claremont Camera Bag by lo and sons

The Claremont Camera Bag

I obviously carry my camera around practically everywhere, but I’ve always had to choose between slinging it over my shoulder (and probably banging it on various things over the course of the day), dumping it into a random (and not especially camera-friendly) bag, or keeping it safe in a mesh-and-neoprene-type thing that makes me look like I’m about to hit the Australian Outback.

The Claremont has a padded interior and special pockets for memory cards and keeps my DSLR safe and snug, but is pretty enough that I’ve been finding myself carrying it as a regular bag even on days when my camera isn’t even coming with me. Really.

lo and sons pearl crossbody for travel

The Pearl Crossbody

This bag is simple, and chic, and basically the Platonic ideal of crossbody bags. I don’t know how it fits everything in the world, but it does.


lo and sons pearl crossbody in blackThe empire state building 2016 in black and whiteJordan Reid wearing the Lo & Sons pearl crossbodyTimes square 2016 in black and whiteblack crop and high waisted jeans street styleNew York City public library in black and white Lo and Sons street style with camera bag

This post was created in collaboration with Lo & Sons. Bryant Park photos by Lydia Hudgens. Flat lay photos by Sue Hudelson. Cityscape photos by Jordan Reid. 

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