The Return Of The Rug

This pose is called “Hide The Terrible Horrible Pedicure.” I’m basically an expert at it.

So I had this rug in my kitchen, because Pinterest made me do it. And then I realized that having a rug in the kitchen isn’t necessarily the best idea, because kitchens are where things like pancake batter happen, and moved my kitchen rug to a more rug-friendly place: my office. And then I realized that I still really like rugs in kitchens, and whatever, that’s what soap and water is for (and have I MENTIONED eight or a thousand times that I am a wizard at stain-removal? This is true).

Except I had already gotten used to the way our erstwhile kitchen rug looked in my office.

pink moroccan style rug in the kitchen

Enter: the New Kitchen Rug.

It is pink, and I have always wanted a pink rug. I have especially always wanted this one because I see it every time I check out Lulu & Georgia’s “Bestselling Rugs” page (which is a page that I frequent because of what I think is pretty clearly a mild rug obsession). I have also always wanted it because it is strangely inexpensive for a rug, and because it seems durable. And because it’s pink. Did I mention that it’s pink? It is.

Below, some more pretty picks if you, too, are a little weird about rugs.

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