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So this was the post I was originally planning to put up on Monday before we arrived back at my house and life became extremely dramatic. Its alternate title is “Too Old For Coachella…But Not Too Old To Throw Out Peace Signs In A Photograph!” (That little slice of genius was a collaborative effort.) All is back to normal now – with the exception of some water damage, but I think we got off pretty easily there considering the amount of flooding we’re talking about – and Lucy is A-OK, so let’s talk bags.

When I saw the teeny-tiny bag that Kendrick had bought for me off of TheRealReal for Christmas (the mini Gucci pictured below) my first thought was “He bought me GUCCI?! Eek!” My second thought was “I am never going to use that.” My life requirements simply do not fit inside four square inches of space.

But I realllly love it. And so I’ve decided that I will carry it, irrespective of its practicality. Practical is boring. And besides, it would be ungrateful to not let glove compartments and pockets serve their purpose in life, which is obviously to allow me to swan about with a fabulous bag minus the shoulder strain.

Here is what fits inside my mini-bag:

…And there you go: now it’s packed to the brim. (My cell phone doesn’t fit, so that goes in my back pocket if I’m wearing pants, or in Kendrick’s if I’m not.)

To be clear, that does not come close to covering everything that I must carry with me if I’m going to emerge into the world. The full list includes diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer spray, my enormous camera, toys, lollipops and jellybeans for bribery purposes, SPF 50 sunscreen (cream for faces; spray for bodies), a baggie of goldfish or cereal, one of those little circular cheese-things that are probably made of plastic, and Xanax. (Kidding about the last one. Sort of.)

But like I said: that’s what glove compartments and (Kendrick’s) pockets – and, okay, the diaper bag that I always have parked in the trunk – are for.

Mini bags are impractical. They are also so cute. My feeling is you make it work.

Jordan ReidBrie Barbaccia in a white t-shirt and high-waisted denim skirtHigh waisted denim skirt with a tie waistZac Posen mini Eartha crossbody with floral appliquésZac Posen mini Eartha crossbody with floral appliquésBlack mesh fedora for summer from Hat AttackDIY distressed denim jacket with huge rips

Francesca: Vintage Shorts (similar); Zac by Zac Posen Floral Bag (AH it is so gorgeous)

Brie: Alternative Apparel Tee; Vintage Skirt (similar); Vere Verto Bag

Me: DIY Jacket; Hat Attack Hat: Vintage Gucci Bag

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