Kid Room Redux

Indy’s Tiny Room (with Tiny Bed)

OK, I need your help. I’ve been brainstorming ideas for what to do about our kids’ bedroom situation, and could use any suggestions you might have – because my parents are here this weekend, which means that I have the ability to make a child-free trip to Ikea. And we all know how child-inclusive trips to Ikea go, so I’m thinking I should take advantage of this.

Here’s the present setup:

  • Goldie is in a medium-sized bedroom (photo here) that has both a crib and a futon in it, and thus doubles as a guest bedroom (when people are staying with us, we move her into the playroom/office for the night).
  • Indy is in a very small bedroom, in a toddler-sized bed that he’s rapidly growing out of (we could probably eke out another year, but since Goldie is just about ready to move into a bed I figure she’ll inherit his).

Here’s the problem:

Indy’s bedroom is so awkwardly laid out that a twin-sized bed doesn’t fit in it unless there’s no dresser (I’ve tried every orientation), so if we’re going to get him a bigger bed, we’re going to have to make some changes.

Here are the options I’m considering:

  1. Have Goldie and Indy swap rooms. The problem with this solution is that if we move a twin bed into what’s now Goldie’s room, we’ll have to lose the futon, and thus lose our guest room (which doesn’t seem like an option, since we have people staying with us kind of a lot).
  2. Have Goldie and Indy share Goldie’s larger bedroom, and make Indy’s room the guest room. Indy is desperate for bunk beds and thinks it would be fun to share a room with his sister, so that’s a plus, but on the negative side it might mean that nobody sleeps ever again, ever. Goldie wakes up when I breathe; having a four-year-old Tasmanian devil hanging out above her head sounds like it might present a challenge.
  3. Keep the kids where they are. We’d give Goldie Indy’s toddler bed (the futon would still fit in her room with a toddler bed), upgrade Indy to a twin, and figure out how to get rid of his dresser (perhaps by installing drawers in his closet, which isn’t especially well-used at the moment).
  4. Some other genius idea that I haven’t thought of yet.


*     *     *

Just for fun, some amazing shared bedroom ideas I found on Pinterest (none of which would actually fit in our house – with the possible exception of that last one – but whatever).

Bright white shared kids bedroom with simple bunkbedsNursery with a gorgeous rug and toddler bed and cribSweet shared bedroom for little boys with a cribCool kids' bunkbed setup with deskclean, white, modern shared kids room with bunkbeds

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