Photos Of Eggs (And What Was Really Happening)

| Noritake Cher Blanc Dishes (and Eggs) |

This morning I was all “Hmmm I have no idea what to write about today.” So I gave it a little thought while I walked Indy to school, and decided it would be a nice day to create some of those Pinterest-y Aren’t I Aspirational And Elegant photographs with lots of white in them and bits of food inexplicably sprinkled around the table surface (as an aside, people who are unfamiliar with the blogger practice of food-sprinkling think it is completely nuts, and they are correct on this point).

These photographs would be pretty, would be close-up enough that I would not actually have to clean my kitchen to take them, and would enable me to write about two things: (1) My complete and utter obsession with hard-boiled eggs and fancy salt (which, as obsessions go, is clearly the healthiest one I have ever had), and (2) These square dishes, which I’ve written about before but wanted to write about again because I need to emphasize just how good of a purchase they are. They’re so thin they’re practically translucent, and yet I cannot break them. (And trust me, between myself and my kids we get an A+ for effort on that front.)

So I piled a bunch of the eggs I’d hard-boiled last night into one of my pretty white bowls, and then realized that it would look better with a few more eggs added. Added the eggs, took the photo…and then realized that I now had a bowl full of identical-looking eggs, some of which were hard-boiled, and others which were not.

This was vexing.

And then Kendrick just casually sauntered through the kitchen and blew my mind. Obviously I needed to videotape it, thereby completely blowing the whole “oh cool now I don’t need to clean my kitchen or look like a human being” thing, but my feeling is when you get your mind blown, you go with it.

White Noritake china plates

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