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Springtime Wardrobe Update: The Perfect (And Perfectly Invisible) Bra

Wacoal Bra | Shirt | Shorts | Zac Zac Posen Bag c/o | Necklace }

My favorite part of this outfit may surprise you

I don’t always mind having my undergarments showing (see this post, for example, in which my bra isn’t just “showing,” but is a full-on part of my outfit)…except when I do. Some tops – thin summer t-shirts, tailored button-downs, et cetera – just require a bra that’s both supportive and completely seamless. And this kind of a bra (especially if you’re as picky as I am about such things) isn’t always especially easy to find.

For wearing under a summer-weight t-shirt or a light-colored button-down (like the one pictured here), for example, I want my bra to be:

  • Lightweight, because I can’t stand the feeling of a bra made out of heavy fabric, especially in the summer months;
  • Not padded, but still opaque (which is a surprisingly tricky combo to find);
  • Completely seamless – no bunching or bulging, please and thanks;
  • Supportive, but with underwires that don’t poke into your body and make you miserable;
  • Sturdy, with straps that don’t pinch or slip;
  • Virtually invisible under clothing.

What I’m wearing here is Wacoal’s Basic Beauty Bra (I’m wearing it in Natural Nude because that’s what matches my skin tone, but it comes in six additional colors, including a lovely pink-lavender shade) that fulfills all of the above criteria, and also happens to be really pretty in a minimal-chic way: no fuss, no floral/lace/sheer/strappy whatever…just a sweet, simple (and flattering) shape. It’s easy to wear and makes every outfit it goes under look about ten times better, and has been thus been officially named “Jordan’s New Favorite Bra” (…you don’t name your bras, referencing yourself in the third-person? You should).

One note about fit: Years ago, I went for my first professional bra fitting and discovered – ba da daaaa – that I’d been wearing the wrong bra size (and we’re not talking, like, “slightly wrong,” we’re talking like two cup sizes off – for pretty much my entire life. A bra that fits correctly isn’t just more comfortable; it’s way, way more flattering. If you’re not positive what size you are, just trust me: take the time for a professional fitting – Wacoal’s fit experts can be found in department stores across the country – and then pick up the Basic Beauty, and bam: bra happiness, all summer long.

Wacoal's Basic Beauty bra styled in an outfitThe perfect seamless bra for wearing every dayWacoal's Basic Beauty bra styled in an outfit

This post was created in collaboration with Wacoal. Photos by Sue Hudelson.

  • Allegra

    LOVE this outfit and the bra looks perfect. (I should probably get the nude one but I’m buying the lavender because it’s so pretty.)

    • jordanreid

      so glad you like it! (i like the lavender best too 🙂 🙂

  • Allegra

    (Also can you tell me about that shirt? I don’t think it’s exactly the same one you linked to.)

    • jordanreid

      it’s on-sale zara, but i couldn’t find it online – maybe if you go into the store they’ll still have one, though? i bought it about three months ago.

  • jannnney

    cutest spring outfit ever!!

  • Sarah

    I am always looking for exactly that bra too. I love Wacoal too but get frustrated that they don’t make many B’s. Girls with little boobs want support and good bras too.