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:) The wine delivery service Wine Simple (which uses a personalized taste profile to recommend wines you’ll love) is offering RG readers 20% off with code RGVIP20. Not an ad; just a present because I like wine and I’m fairly certain you do, too.

:) Like everyone on the Internet, I’m all about the off-the-shoulder tops for spring. I bought this one at BCBG the other night in white, and it comes in a blue-and-white-stripe pattern too, and both are perfect and amazing and I think you should own one. Or two.

:) The duvet cover of my dreams exists, and it is weirdly cheap, and the style is actually called “Magical Thinking.” Which is just too perfect.

:) Oh, should my baby be wearing sunglasses/be wearing a hat/be wearing a hat and sunglasses because one is not enough/be eating this/definitely not be eating that? Thanks for the information. This post on about mommy policing on Le Internet is so dead-on. (The Internet Loves Concern-Trolling Pregnant Women, via ScaryMommy.)

:) So we had solar installed. This is good for many reasons, but on the purely practical side: it brought our electricity bill down from around $500 (I KNOW) to $70. Oh, YAY. Do it, y’all.

:) Francesca turned me on to Butter High Tea – a gorgeous nude nail polish that makes your fingers look super long while also not making you look dead.

:) FYI: Bloomingdale’s is offering 25% off and free shipping all week (through 4/10) with code FRIENDS. They have my go-to barely-there heels that I pretend are Stuart Weitzman Nudists but are about a quarter of the price. Also REALLY like these strappy flat sandals; just so classic and chic.

:) Well this is adorable. (Best Friends Chose Surprise Tattoos for One Another and Actually Did A Great Job, via Buzzfeed.)

:) Metallic hair colors?! WHAT? (They’re actually really pretty.) (via The Gloss.)

Target faux wrap bikini in multiple colors

:) I found the bikini pictured above at Target and cannot for the life of me find it online so I can show it to you (although this one has a similar shape), but trust me: go to a Target and find it, because it is cheap, and it is awesome. Also LOOK AT MY LITTLE WATER BUG. The pigtails just keep getting better and better.

:) Related: the perfect red bikini, courtesy of J.Crew. Also love this black wrap bikini. Bikini bikini bikini. Sorry; I’m obviously pretty ready for this whole summer thing to happen.

:) Mother’s Day is drawing ever-closer! Check out the glam | camp Mother’s Day shop here (my personal favorite pieces are our Bonfire blanket and our new Every Mother Is A Working Mother tote).

:) You know when you hug someone good-bye and they smell so subtly incredible that you want to bury your face in their neck, except you don’t because you’re not a creep? I had dinner with a bunch of girlfriends last night and that happened when I said good-bye to one whom I’d only just met two hours earlier, and I am very happy that I was able to restrain myself from said neck-burying because I’d only just met her, and while I’m sure she thinks I’m weird (because obviously I am) I don’t really want her to think I’m that weird. Anyway, the perfume she was wearing was this – it smells super-fresh, like orange blossoms and white flowers, but is a tiny bit smokier and spicier than your typical floral scent. It is gorgeous.

:) The struggle is real. (7 Ways Toddlers Insist on Being Assholes, via ScaryMommy.)

:) This might be the sexiest bra I’ve ever seen. (But this one is pretty similar, and cheaper, so.)

:) No tongue piercings, please. (31 Insane Requirements Flight Attendants Must Follow, via Redbook.)

:) If you’ve ever wondered what having a doula is really like, this profile of professional doula Kate Novotny over on DRIVEN is a great read.

Bush for Clinton tote bag

(This tote actually exists, and you can buy one if you want.)

There’s an old trope, a thing I heard growing up that we tell our kids: you can be anything you want to be when you grow up. How can I tell my daughter this? How can I tell her she can be an engineer, when only 18% of those holding bachelor degrees in engineering are female? Can she be one of the 17% of mathematicians in the United States who are female? Can she be one of the 0% of U.S. Presidents who has ever been female?

Vote for whichever candidate you want, but don’t tell me it’s not about gender, or that gender isn’t an important factor in this race. (via Goosecamp)

:) This post on Goosecamp is a really interesting read on why gender matters so much in this presidential race. (And just to be clear: I’m voting for Hillary, but I respect each and every person’s right to make their own decision. The most important thing is not “who” you vote for – except Trump, please do not vote for him – it’s that you VOTE. Vote vote vote.)

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