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(Not) On A Boat

{ An (Extraordinarily Glamorous) Parking Lot In San Jose }

J Crew Camisole and Shorts | Anthropologie Button-Down

Zac Posen Bag c/o | Madewell Sunglasses c/o | Converse Leather-Lace Sneakers

These photos were taken just before Kendrick and I commenced a date night. Well…sort of a date night. More like “a date night plus a baby who made it not a date night”: our son was at a special nighttime play-thing held by his ju-jitsu class, so we took our daughter with us to Santana Row, which is this really pretty kind of outdoor mall near our house with nice shops and great restaurants and live music. We ate steak frites and looked at Teslas (more accurately: I looked; Kendrick drooled), and our daughter spent most of her time deep in conversation with the Happy Meal toy she’d gotten earlier in the day, so it all was more romantic than we’d started the night thinking it’d be.

Where these photographs were taken, though, is not Santana Row, exactly. It’s the parking lot; specifically the elevator kiosk on the third floor. It might be the place that looks least like a Hamptons sailboat in the world, and yet here I am, dressed like Taylor Swift circa Conor Kennedy. Go figure.

This isn’t a silhouette I do often, this high-waisted, shirt-knotted-at-the-middle thing, and certainly isn’t something I usually go for on date nights, when I tend to choose things like leather pants and super high heels because what the hell, tightness/heels aren’t much a part of my life at the moment so might as well do it when I can…but I’m so into these shorts that I wore them anyway, and despite the fact that it’s really not nighttime-shorts weather yet.

I found them at J.Crew a couple of weeks ago, and purchased them with the intention of using them to replace a Forever 21 pair (or, okay, three Forever 21 pairs) that I’ve had since I was at an age when shopping at Forever 21 was just “where you shopped,” not “where you shop as quickly as possible, darting in and out with your head down and sunglasses on, hoping nobody will see you inexplicably incapable of stopping yourself from purchasing a fringed onesie and a t-shirt that says CARE BEAR on it.” (Forever 21 is a drug that I just can’t quit. I’m okay with that.)

Anyway, shorts. I found a lot of cute striped ones at a lot of different prices, and if you go ahead and scroll all the way down past many, many photographs of me in front of this strangely photogenic parking lot wall, you can see them.

Happy Tuesday, I love you guys. (Thanks for all the kind thoughts and emails yesterday.)

J Crew high waisted striped shorts for spring 2016

White shirt with blue and white striped shortsBlack and white shot of nautical outfit with striped shorts

J crew striped shorts in blue and white

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