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on the road again.

Yesterday morning Indy and I got in the car and drove for six hours. We made our way past palm tree fields and green hills and cow pastures and endless Valero stations, all the way down to Pasadena, where we’re going to spend the weekend helping my dad move out of his apartment.

Vintage wine glass with gold rim and gold stars

this is my happy place.

But first we made a stop in LA to spend a night at Francesca’s apartment, and that’s where I’m camped out right this very second: sitting on the couch with a glass of rose, Lilo & Stitch in the background, and my present embroidery project – which just so happens to be on its way to becoming the best Valentine’s Day present on the planet, IMO – on my lap.

Here is how this particular project – which I’ll show you in a moment – came to be: my glam | camp partner, Erin, suggested that we have an “Anything You Want” option for the embroideries, where you can submit an Instagram, or a scanned photo, or just a concept, and we’ll whip up a template and ship it off in a pom-pom and sticker-filled package complete with embroidery hoop, thread, and gold needles. You can either embroider it yourself and gift it all lovely and complete (I suggest a thrifted frame, just to finish the whole thing off), or leave the embroidering part up to the recipient, which is fun too.

And I thought, you know, before we greenlight this idea, let me – the decidedly non-expert embroiderer in the glam | camp family – give it a shot myself.

Han Solo custom embroidery for Valentine's Day

Yes, you are seeing correctly: that would be Han Solo Kendrick. Literally all I did was say “oooh how about Star Wars plus here is a photograph of my husband can we please do something awesome?!”

AND THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED. (Because Erin is a genius.)

P.S. Kendrick is going to freak out.

P.P.S. And also be like ummmmmmm thanks for the embroidery but did you also get me a video game?

P.P.P.S. Yes. I got a video game too.

Speaking of silly-amazing Valentine’s Day presents, can I please show you a few more products that are in the glam | camp V-Day shop at the moment?I'd shave my legs for you embroidery kit

First, this. Personally, I think if you both remember to give a Valentine’s Day present and shave your legs, you get all the prizes. (Like, all of them. Forever.)Democratic Presidential Candidate Valentine's Day cards

For the Bernie/Hillary enthusiasts among you: these tear-away Valentine’s Day cards. They’re like the ones that you used to give out to your classmates when you were in second grade, and they are available nowhere else on the entire planet, and they are also $5 for 9 cards. Yup.

Hammered gold crescent moon charm necklace from glam | camp

On the less-political front: this hammered-gold crescent moon necklace, which I’m personally coveting.

There's A Hell Of A Universe romantic DIY embroidery kit for Valentine's Day

And finally my favorite item: this beautiful DIY embroidery kit, which reminds me of a Lite Brite and pretty much sums it all up, I think. Because look, it’s so important – and so hard – to remember this, but you’ve got to:

Every once in awhile put aside the to-do list. Forget about the chores, and the lists, and the things you think you have to do. Just say F it, leave all those have-tos and musts for another day, and go explore this ridiculous and weird and beautiful world we live in. And explore it together.

Because that’s romance.

If you’d like to pick up anything in the Valentine’s Day shop, go ahead and take 10% off using code LOVEYOU (because I do).

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