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 I prefer my kale in sweatshirt form, thanks. (You can get one of your own here.)

 No matter how many hours you spent on the phone with Comcast today (oh, was that just me?), this cocktail tray is here to remind you that at least at the end of it all there was wine.

 Anthropologie is having a Winter Tag Sale and it’s really good. (I love this shawled cashmere wrap and these Citizens of Humanity overalls. And on the home decor front, these dipped sisal baskets.) Take an extra 25% off of sale prices using code TAGTIME.

 This is why we need vacations from our vacations. (The Exquisite Boredom of Vacation With A Toddler, via The Cut.)

 “It just kind of flops around. I don’t know if I would like that.” This video of lesbians touching a penis for the first time is pretty phenomenal. (via Huffington Post)

The pros and cons of co-sleeping with a child

 As much as I enjoy co-sleeping, there are a few disadvantages. Like feet. (Follow RG on Instagram here.)

 Um I would like an inflatable sleep hoodie please.

 Alert: Cartier rose gold and diamond LOVE ring (size 6) for under 2k.

 Speaking of consignment jewelry: I just started sending a few of my much-loved-but-never-worn items over to TheRealReal. I’m planning to write a post on how the consignment process goes, for those of you who’d like to try it out, but in the meantime figured I’d also let you know that one of the items I listed is this spectacular Alexis Bittar cuff. I can’t believe I’m letting go of it…but it’s HUGE, andI never wear it because babies and huge bracelets really, really don’t go together. So: consigned, sigh. Hopefully someone else gives it a good home.

 I didn’t think it would be possible to make me miss a New York winter, but there you go. (New York’s 10 Coziest Bars for Surviving Winter, via Forbes.)

 “@ABC You misspelled ‘armed terrorists take over federal building’ there. Easy mistake to make.” Ick, ABC. Ick. (ABC Killed Journalism Saturday Night Using This One Weird Tweet, via Raw Story.)

 I think I want these navy Uggs more than I want Stuart Weitzman Nudist sandals. Somebody call a doctor (or a helicopter to remove me from the suburbs) immediately.

 If you have ever seen a more despondent cat, please direct me to its location. Because this little guy is over it. (The World Weeps For Monkey Cat, via The Cut.)

 Just going to mention again that I strongly suggest you pick up this flannel, because it’s cheap and comes in lots of colors and is totally the best (for sizing, FYI, I bought mine in a size L where I would typically take a M, because even though it’s already oversized I wanted it a little extra-so).

Feet next to a faucet in an all-white bubble bath

 The fact that I take baths every night means I go through a LOT of bubbles. I’ve been using this Juara oil and I like it a lot, but if you have any especially great (and preferably affordable, because we’re talking quantity) suggestions I’d love to hear them.

 I was all brruuuuugh about this season of The Bachelor because Ben, but I just read a Vulture recap of last night’s episode and am now rethinking that assessment. Choice quote: “Ben thinks that finding a wife will complete him and make him ‘the perfect guy.’ (1) Yikes. (2) This is a recipe for an amazing season: a Bachelor who thinks he’s unworthy of every woman in the room and is willing to impress them as much as they are going to try to impress him.” Also God bless Lace. (Read the whole thing here.)

 “To know Dr. Zizmor is to know the city’s secret handshake, to appreciate its quirkier, more pedestrian pleasures that natives claim as their own.” Dr. Zizmor is retiring. Tear. (via NY Times.)

 Oh look! It’s a thousand-dollar…cotton button-down shirt that you could buy at The Gap. Oh world. Oh sigh.

 As a president, I vow to be…TOTALLY UNPREDICTABLE! WEEEEEEE! (Donald Trump Assures Voters That They’ll Never Know What He’ll Do As President, via NY Mag.)

 This pillow is perhaps slightly NSFW (if you’re, say, a kindergarten teacher) but GOD I love how neatly it expresses how I feel at 5PM every day.

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