Interior Inspiration: Six Nurseries You Need To See

Here is Goldie’s room. It’s almost identical to the nursery we put together for her back in Westchester (minus the leopard carpet, TEAR) – we even painted it the exact same shade of pale green that we chose during the office-to-nursery redo. I kept it super simple because it also functions as a guest room when people come to stay with us (that couch folds down into a queen-size bed), and also because I figure we have plenty of years of pink sparkle explosions ahead of us without getting started now. (It needs a rug. I’ll get on that sometime in the next decade.)


Were I starting from scratch with a nursery concept…ooooooh are the ones pictured here ever good. (They’re good for kids’ rooms, too, so I’m bookmarking ’em for a future redo.)

super cool nursery with a black wall and a wicker crib


I mean, this is incredible.

I LOVE that black wall. Forget about a nursery; I want my own bedroom to look like this.

boho nursery


What’s fun about this nursery is that it’s so accessible; it’s the kind of design that lets you pull in rugs and sheets and blankets and pillows that you already own, so it both saves money and makes the space even more personal.

victorian inspired nursery with clean white colors


This is so not me, but I love the idea of it: just clean and white and spare, and a hint Victorian.

simple, neutral baby's room with clean, modern decor


This is just perfection; I love how airy and full of life this room feels thanks to the light colors, natural textures and hanging plants. (I’ve never actually known anyone who has used a Moses crib, but that’s another matter.)

white nursery with a white wrought-iron crib


Ugh, just so chic. I love the idea of all white everything with a patterned, multicolored rug. (That rug actually reminds me of ours.)

cool nursery for a little boy with a furry rug


Why hello there, terrifying and yet strangely adorable creature! Every child’s room should obviously include a Star Wars Wampa rug.

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