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Getting dressed for a holiday party, chez us, is quite the undertaking. First, the TV goes on because life is easier when the TV goes on. If I can get Indy poured into clothing accompanied by the strains of Bubble Guppies the whole process moves far, far more quickly, and when you have four people to get out of the house anything that happens quickly is basically a miracle.

Next up is Goldie, who is generally the most laid-back, sweet-natured child on the planet, but who, when confronted with clothing that she likes, dials up the volume as high as it can possibly go. She does not want to wear those shoes, she wants to wear THESE shoes. And THAT DRESS. <shrieking if dress does not go on body in .5 seconds.> AND I NEED TO WEAR THAT SWEATER AND IF YOU TRY TO DELAY THE PROCESS OF PUTTING IT ON ME, MAMA, I WILL TAKE YOU DOWN. (As a refresher, she is 16 months old.)

So it’s a process. But a fun one, because man are they ever cute in their holiday gear.

Pretty much everything that the four of us are wearing in these shots came from – wait for it – Kmart. (I know.) My plaid sweater? Kmart. Goldie’s sparkly dresses? Kmart again. Even the jeans Kendrick’s wearing in these shots are from the store, (and they’re great). (All these looks were actually featured on Access Hollywood; you can see them here.) My personal favorite items in these shots are Kendrick’s cardigan and the pom-pom boots (!!! #dotheycomeinmysize), but really: it’s all so cute, and so affordable, and it’s so nice to be able to find a holiday outfit for everyone in the family in one place…because you know what else is quite the undertaking chez us? Full-family trips to the mall. (We’ll talk about that some other time.)

little girl eating orange in front of the christmas treeJordan Reid and husband Kendrick Strauchmen's boots from kmartholiday clothing for kids from kmartAdam Levine men's cardigan from Kmartlittle boy's holiday clothing from kmart baby girl's pom pom boots and silver sparkly shoes from kmartHoliday clothing for men and women from Kmartlittle boys and girls holiday attire from kmart

This post was created in collaboration with Kmart. Photos by Sue Hudelson and Jordan Reid.

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