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{ Christmas candy! }

 OK SOOOOO my new book comes out in just a couple of weeks, and I’m having all the flutters. If you’d like to pick up a copy as a holiday gift for the mom-to-be or new mom in your life, you can preorder it here.

 Aaaah this sweater looks like the coziest (and simultaneously most elegant) thing ever.

 We’re doing an Elf On The Shelf challenge all month (because I’m a huge dork and Indy has so much fun discovering where his elf landed every morning). Recommended. (We’re doing this one.)

 “Oud Wood” is both very fun to say and very delicious to smell. One of my favorite perfumes ever: sexy, a little masculine, and distinctive. (And whoa expensive, but that’s because it uses some kind of crazy-rare ingredient, so I guess that makes it…okay?)

 Vibrational congruency is the godspeed of wellness. Or something. (Scientists Find a Link Between Low Intelligence and Acceptance Of Pseudo-Profound Bullshit, via Independent.)

 We have arrived at the time of year when I burn nothing but Christmas tree candles one hundred percent of the time. This Thymes scent is my favorite.

 “How about we treat every young man who wants to buy a gun like every woman who wants to get an abortion?” This is brilliant. how to make a lemon juice, fresh ginger and cayenne pepper shot

 I cannot tell you how much better this lemon/ginger/cayenne shot has been making my mornings.

 This company helps you create (and theoretically sell) your own cookbook. Cool.

 So today the Daily News actually used its DRAMATIC! HEADLINE! to say something important. (God Isn’t Fixing This, via Daily News.)

 A Sandy Hook senator’s message to the Republican presidential candidates who have remained silent on the topic of gun control (other than to extend the usual thoughts, prayers and thoughts and prayers, of course). (Sandy Hook Senator Just Summed Up The Reality Of Sending “Thoughts and Prayers,” via Mic.)

 Eat everything in your refrigerator (and six other simple things you can do to help the environment). (What You Can Do About Climate Change, via NYTimes.)

I saw these shoes on Instagram last night just before I went to bed, and then I dreamed that I was wearing them. It was sort of fun. In other news, I need better dreams.

 Sigh I love these flannel old-man pajamas. (And there is a matching robe, oooooooo.)

 On the topic of super-cute plaid, I would LIVE in this shirt.

glam | camp annie & daisy onesies

 New addition to glam | camp: the most adorable Annie & Daisy onesies in the entire world (my favorites are “You and Me” and “Let’s Go Adventurin'”). Check out the collection here.

 Clarins’ new lip product sounds so good.

 Just got an advance copy of Fay Wolf’s New Order: A Decluttering Handbook For Creative Folks (and Everyone Else) in the mail, and it’s SO fun. (Like, for real. I know a decluttering handbook doesn’t sound like the funnest read in the world, but Fay is hysterical and has tons of great – and realistic – ideas.) You can preorder it here.

 Here is a video of a snoring dormouse. You’re welcome.

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