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Odd (But Strangely Useful) Little Idea: DIY Wine Charms

You know those little charms that you can hook onto your wineglass so that everyone at a party can tell which glass is theirs? I’ve always thought they sounded like a nice idea, but there are two problems with this: 1) Most of the charms I’ve seen around are a little on the cheesy side (although these are kind of cute); and 2) I usually use tumblers for wine instead of traditional glasses, and wine charms are made to hook around the stem of a glass.

Those aren’t the biggest problem, though; the biggest problem is that owning something like wine charms requires forethought, and forethought is not something that I typically possess. The only times that it has ever occurred to me that I might like to own some wine charms has been when I am mid-party and suddenly discover that I have no idea which glass is mine. Over Thanksgiving weekend, this is exactly what happened, and so do you know what I did?

Broke out my crafting box, of course. A little twine, some jewelry clasps that I have hanging around from a bracelet project I did with Michael’s, and a few fake berry branches leftover from a photo shoot, and BOOM. For real, if you have some string (twine, Christmas ribbon, cooking string, etc) laying around, you can do this…and you can use anything as an identifier – a couple of beads, a dried flower, a leaf, whatever. It’s totally something you can do in five seconds. And it’s fun. And free.

(I also think they’re cute.)

how to make your own wine charms using found objects

skull glass with rope and berry wine charm

P.S. Some pretty wine glasses for your consideration:

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