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{ Wise Woman Embroidery Kit }

Everyone needs a hobby. And specifically, everyone needs a hobby that they can do while half-listening to E! or Bravo! or other channels with virtually no educational, redemptive, or illustrative elements whatsoever, in order to make themselves feel less guilty for spending entire hours (or, okay, perhaps months) deep in the throes of the wonder of the world that is Bachelor in Paradise. 

If you craft while Bachelor-ing, you can find ways to feel good about your morally bankrupt, reality TV-watching self. I speak from experience.

I have literally never before in my life embroidered. I’ve been a knitter for years, and I’ve always wanted to try embroidery, but the sight of the embroidery hoop has always stopped me in my tracks: it looks extremely confusing and vaguely medieval, and I also don’t especially need a piece of linen embossed with the image of, like, a daisy bush with a graduation cap sitting on top of it. Or whatever.

But you know what I DO need? A piece of linen embossed with the spectacular Internet meme pictured here. I need to put it on my wall, and I need to give it to my friends so they can put it on their own walls. And so over this past weekend I spent a handful of hours sitting on Francesca’s couch and chatting about whatever while my kids watched The Last Unicorn and ate (organic!) deep-fried green bean puffs, and I discovered embroidery.

I love it so much.

a wise woman once said fuck this shit and she lived happily every after embroidery kit

Pictured here is a DIY embroidery kit that we’re selling on glam | camp. I was a little nervous when I started it because I was all, oooooooh Erin could you just embroider it so we can take a photograph of the thing in which it looks halfway decent? …Please?

But embroidery, as it turns out, always looks halfway (or even all-the-way) decent. Because that kinda lopsided, I-did-this-while-watching-TV element is not only “okay”; it’s totally the point.

Any craft that is made better with the addition of a little Tyra via ANTM is my kind of craft. And on that topic, I seriously think these embroidery kits make the very best girlfriend gift on the entire planet.

The kit includes:

  • Our favorite bad ass quote in a cool font for you to trace;
  • A brand new disappearing ink transfer pen;
  • An embroidery hoop;
  • A piece of natural linen;
  • Two packs of cotton embroidery floss; and
  • A a pack of gold-plated needles.

Basically, everything you need to create a cool, unique gift or addition to your home while also providing you with a way to validate the time you spend having your mind zapped by television rays by labelling it “productive.”

(Also this is a really fun thing to do on a Sunday night while accompanied by girlfriends and a  couple of bottles of wine. Again, I speak from experience.)

Buy it here. (And take 15% off site-wide using code TINY, because #cybermonday and also #justbecause.)

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